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princegloinprincegloin Posts: 2 Arc User
When in squad, I would like to see a symbol on every character in squad that indicate whether the person is active or afk. My suggestion has two purposes. First, a person who need to afk will be shown as afk until they return. And second, a person who uses multi-clients and tries to afk through the entire run will be easily discovered.
Implementation of this would be really simple. Every window opened has an action called focus/unfocus so an active window is always focused, others are unfocused. If a window is unfocused (as in the case when you switch to another client which is on another window), show the afk-symbol adjacent to the character in squad. When the window is in focus again, remove/change the symbol.


  • phantomforce#4598 phantomforce Posts: 397 Community Moderator
    Interesting. There needs to be a better way to track it though, because you can keep multiple PWI windows to stay focused on the same PC, or via use of multiple PCs.​​
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  • princegloinprincegloin Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited January 2018
    Have you done so? Because I don't think you can.
    Multiple PCs work ofc but I don't think many people go through that much trouble.
  • heero200heero200 Helper Extraordinary Posts: 3,827 Community Moderator
    You can If you know how.

    its not common info, But its defo possible and not difficult to do.

  • It's good to know if the system can detect who carries or who get carried in the squad.

    I like the idea but not your solution. Personally as a multi-client player who used to carry people through Fsj/Uch and not the other way around.

    1. don't get what you mean by "a person who need to afk will be shown as afk until they return" like a switch button like - i'm here / i'm away? Seem very annoying
    2. When everyone not ready and waiting, most people don't want to sit on their seat and keep staring at the pwi screen in the meantime
    3. So what if the person is multi-clienting or keeps alt-tabbing and that Here/Away thing keeps changing, what matters to me is how much they contribute to the squad. If a credit card warrior tells me that they were eating and didn't want to touch the keyboard with dirty hands, i'm not gonna buy that whether it's an excuse or not.

    In my opinion, i think a better way is to enable the leader to send a "ready confirmation" message to everyone in the squad.
    The message should play a sound, that client tab should be highlighted/blinking. And force the screen back to this client if they're using the web browser, playing a video, video chatting and etc. But i don't think it should force focus if they are playing other game. Even if the player walked away, and when they come back and see the screen on focused on the client, they would know the squad were ready and waiting for everyone.

    Squad member has to respond whether they are ready or no. If No responded, that means they're not afk, they need more time to get ready. If they don't respond, then you probably know they're Afk or don't care. I think the message should last about 15 seconds and can resend afterward if the Afk player wasn't watching the screen and missed the sound.

    If you want to know who is the lazycat, the pro, the op, the nubie and the sleepyhead. We can add a dungeon statistics for each bosses and all bosses viewing the total damage dealt, healing, #mob killed and deaths from all players in squad. So everyone in squad knows who doing what they were/weren't supposed to do, who you should run with them again, and who you hope you don't run into them ever again.

    I hope the squad list can show which member is nearby or not, i bet many healers hate this especially in pvp
    Also need a better way to notice everyone in squad when a squad member is offline, a message on screen with sound or something. Best to keep them in squad even when they're offline and therefore we don't have to keep tracking them if they're back online yet.

    tbh, there are a lot stuffs needed to be improved

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