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sahitan001sahitan001 Posts: 43 Arc User
I apply again as the clean up here like 5-6 years ago.

1. Multiboxing

each "normlae player sees how players with 4-6 chars fly around in the appendix, etc. The rules say max 2 players on the same account online. (You may only have 2 accounts per person, regardless of how many computers you own.).

2. Insults in Worldchat. (the player or day ban, etc.).

cybermobbing is what many do not know now punishable. By the death of some people. at least in Germany

3. Provisions of expliods (exploitation of the game mechanics). [as a Gm I can follow every hint and if necessary directly in the Intztans porten to control it]

I've been here for 9 years and I know it was something that was put on where I was at the time. now are again and again staff cuts, so that no one cares about it, as many are only volunteers in support. who likes to go to holland ^^. whatever the control we had back then. is this all about numbers and money?
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