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Archer buffs

norhe15#9028 norhe15 Posts: 3 Arc User
edited December 2017 in Suggestion Box
why cant archers get a more updated class of skills? honestly with multiple class having attack and defence buffs for themselves, why cant we have the same? ive noticed that yall had removed a skill of ours and never replaced it. galvanic aura i believe it was. im saying archers need more of an advantage in pvp especially 1v1. im a big pvper when it comes to 1v1 and rather have more of a chance than getting silences and stun by psys and stun lock by bms. its crappy and im not gonna reroll a new player when ive already put a load of money into my archer as it is. i want a change for the archer class that will make us a decent competition for pvp.


  • laylaylaylay Posts: 27 Arc User
    - make wings of protection a self buff evading all incoming dmg with a chance of 30% + 30 def lvl
    - give wings of grace faith status to avoid para stun
    - remove dmg reduction if lower than 5m distance

    easy :smile:
  • norhe15#9028 norhe15 Posts: 3 Arc User
    so 30% chance on 30 defence levels? i want more like attack levels as an archer since we are Range DD's
  • norhe15#9028 norhe15 Posts: 3 Arc User
    plus also removing damage reduction that close makes no sense. we already have to avoid the fact that we hit half damage on regular attacks that up close
  • laylaylaylay Posts: 27 Arc User
    edited December 2017
    1) I mean replacing the current evasion buff with something like focus mind (30%) and add 30 def lvl (since most EAs are deity these days)
    2) removing this half dmg for attacks is exactly what I was talking about
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