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wolf like Fashion for all classes/genders

i've been looking in boutique lately and noticed their was nyan cat set released making us look catish, but there is no wolf alternative and i personally think this would be a good addition for us who like using other classes other then untamed and be animalistic. some ideas would be like for females a hood with wolf ears, a tank top with tattoos(kind of like huntress tattoos) and a skirt with a wolf tail underneath similiar to that of a veno for shoes they could use either none or even just a chainlink bracelet on their left ankle. for males it could be wolf ears a sleeveless jacket with a bite mark on the forearm with jeans and sneekers.

this is just my opinion and i personally would love to see this a thing as i see no one else has brought it up (even after searching it) alot of people ask for better looks on barbarians but why stop with just one class when we can make all classes animalistic?

i really hope you do consider this and thank you for your time in reading this. if i were an artist id provide a sketch of my ideas but i really arent.
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