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Auto-Recconect Feature[Edited]

filipenoguerasfilipenogueras Posts: 132 Arc User
edited December 2017 in Suggestion Box
Initial Idea:
Is to have those with coding knowlegde to solve key problems found by the community.
All of this, under PWE's supervision. (Requiring PWE's approval to implement changes)

Basic Functions:
  1. Auto-Reconnect
  2. Reopen catshop (Must wait safety lock) and (Must set the shop's name again)
  3. Restart meditation
  4. Restart Auto-cultivation

I've always had disconnection problems. That never allowed me to merchant, auto-cultivate, meditate or just afk somewhere to show off my character. After some research I found lots of other individuals with the same problem!
Any player should be able to use those features, otherwise the game is not fair!

Would probably be a good idea to create a space to have the community interacting regarding the bot.

Honestly, I went a bit ambitious on the project.
Don't really need to be 3rd party software.
They could implement an in-game solution. Just a simple reconnect limmited to 1 or 2 clients.
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  • csquared5csquared5 Posts: 131 Arc User
    Mmmm before anybody can safely say they'd develop something like this it would definitely need stamp of approval from the GMs, because of that problematic bit about 'no 3rd party software' bit which PWI built into their Terms of Service.

    I don't think that any utility like this should help with auto-cultivation auto-start. Any such program would be far too susceptible to abuse by botters.

    However, if the utility were ONLY limited to reconnecting a catshop, I would definitely support such a utility. Logging in catshops after each disconnect can get somewhat tedious for sure.

    I don't think PWI is actually advanced enough to determine if a macro program or other bot is acting upon it. So there's really nothing to stop somebody from developing and using a utility like this. However, if that person is somehow caught using, sharing, or promoting it without having GM stamp of approval, they could be subject to ban. So before this discussion goes any further, we need GM input.



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  • nocironociro Posts: 49 Arc User
    I would like the catshop and meditation. The botting function I would probably advise against.
    But I have a hard time to believe we will get this approved.
  • delarocqueedelarocquee Posts: 13 Arc User
    edited December 2017
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