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Hey Lugia ideal for insane charge promo

laiwaisanlaiwaisan Posts: 1,121 Arc User
edited December 2017 in Suggestion Box
Face it most of us we'll never get a crown madness or some insane tome that sales for over 2 bill with those dropping 45+stats but for a limited time and a very special christmas pwi for once in a lifetime deal can make you feel op or at least play with the big boys promo charge 10 dollars get your choice on account stashable permanent jones or o'mally blessing charge 20 get both account bound not tradeable but account stashable wouldn't that kick but Spend 30 dollars get a permanent blue lucky star Spend forty dollars get permanent red lucky star spend 50$ get ☆☆☆Amulet of Blessing permanent once in a lifetime deal for this special 2018 christmas from the people here from pwi merry christmas what you think Lugia are you crazy enough
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