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Gameplay suggestion for 2018

fury85fury85 Posts: 253 Arc User
Hi all,
since I take a break from PWI, I had the time to talk with friends and analyze better the actual metagame.
This is not a QQ thread but I just want to share some idea about how to improve gameplay of PWI in the nearly future.

I start with an important note:
- The trend to PWI last years is to increase Damage and Lock to an unbelievable level.

For example, that totally ruin some builds and way to play. Tell me what’s the point to build your class to stay alive more than do damage when you die in 1 hit from 0 def or you die from lock without any chance to use skills/pots/genie?

I don’t focus on the damage of any class, I want to focus on gameplay or to explain better I want to focus on the chance to use your player skill.

This is a list, in my opinion, of thing that can be changed on PWI to have more fun in any kind pvp:

1) Remove 0 def from Venomancer and Stormbringer. This is the most stupid thing I even seen in a game. No way to predict that, no way to survive that. Its just stupid.

2) Remove the option for Duskblade to copy Vortex from Stormbringer. PWI graphic engine is old and performance are very poor. I don’t think Vortex is bad, because is a good startegy if the squad is organized, but should be limited to Strombringer class.

3) Remove genie disable from Mystic. You want to increase lock to an insane level? Nowdays most the time genie is your only chance. Disable genie basically give you no chance to do anything.

4) Remove Paralyze from DB and Sin. Both class got tons of lock already and a very high damage (sin) or a deadly combo (quad). BM got tons of lock as well but paralyze is fine because the damage is not that high as DB/Sin and they don’t have an high spike damage combo (basically they hardly can kill someone with Purify Spell without Paralyze). Barb got an high damage skill (Armageddon) but no other lock and Paralyze is on chance (60%), so I find it fine on that two class.

5) Able Faith, Deaden Nerves, Cornered Beast and the cleric skill that do the same (I forgot the name) to purify Paralyze status.

Just i’m here… some “bugs” to correct or some suggestion to fix it fast since developers are lazy to work on it.

1) Seeker Transposition is an old problem, also if not on purpose in map like Crystal Contest a Barb can stuck in every point of the terrain. Is not possible to do the Barb shape smaller?

2) Stuck in air – Part 1 (Push back). Push back outside a plain terrain make you stuck in air. Remove push back? Instead of push back they can revert to leap to not remove a key skill on class like Mystic or Archer.

3) Stuck in air – Part 2 (Vortex and Reel in air). Make Vortex and Reel in skills possible to cast only on the ground?
Level 105 Barbarian with Deity Stone


  • jsxshadowjsxshadow Posts: 1,414 Arc User
    Yes to most BUT not regarding 2 things:

    1. Yes remove IW BUT do not touch any SB debuff. You can only 0 def ppl with that if they are selfbuffed, HA/LA and without any mag def increasing selfbuff. Also, heart of steel will reduce a major part of the damage. Unlike IW which comes out of the blue and literally brings def to 0 no matter how buffed you are..even with cap chan you need at least 3 seconds to apply all 3 neccesary debuffs as a Storm..2 skills of which have a 3 or 5 minute cooldown. No, nothing is broken there. IW is, SBs debuffs are even a little to weak imho, the cooldown is just to long (Pergiean Tide, Ult is fine).

    2. If you remove Paralze then you need to remove it from BMs as well. Just because no BM goes for full damage doesnt mean that certain BMs cant 1,2,3 kill you. Esp after next update..5 hits in ulti and they are at double damage, add HF and they are at 4x base damage..zerkcrit stacked on that and its GG. BMs are insanely powerful, especially in 1v1.
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