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Blocking other players from buffing over-riding your buffs.

sensualsoulsensualsoul Posts: 282 Arc User
My main reason for this is being overbuffed with lesser or buffs that I don't want. I know that you can block some buffs but when in squad that doesn't seem to work. I would like an opt out for buffs of the same class. My seeker seems to have the worst of this problem. Other seekers will buff non-stop with def buff when I want the def/att buff on myself. I would like to block other seekers from overbuffing my self buff. Thanks.


  • jennamdjennamd Posts: 3 Arc User
    Good idea!
  • I like this suggestion. To add on/refine it:
    - Lower level buff should not overlap an existing buff
    - Equal or higher buff should be able to overlap an existing buff
    - Timer on buff remaining time should be displayed when we hover over the buff icon - allowing users to know how much longer their buff will last
  • serxon#9875 serxon Posts: 6 Arc User
    @sensualsoul how do you block some buffs?
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