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Update Fist/Claws Skill for BM

ivan1984ivan1984 Posts: 2 Arc User
It would be be nice that PWCN devs make a great change for BM Fist/Claws Skills, specially since ow we are able to get a decent weaps for this Class (G17 Fist/Claws) we have a useless skills that dont do decent damage (fist and Claws Skills) we should have and update for this skills, Vacuaos palm, Shadowless Kick and Cyclone Heel, we should have a update on wich can combine 2 of these and do damage like sins/dbs , some of their skills do 3 or 4 hits with 1 skill, tahts why they are OP, can hit like 5 or 6 times with 2 skills, BMs have the chance of get this weapons why we dont get any decent skills for this.

I hope we can get and update in a near future for this​​
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