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Windows 10 + ATI cards, latest updates issue + fix

aetjeaetje Posts: 33 Arc User
Bashed my head against the wall for a while with this... seems the latest Windows 10 updates are messing up the drivers for older ATI cards (Radeon HD4000 series and older). Windows 10 now seems to prefer the default "Generic VGA" driver over the legacy ATI drivers. Which disables 3D accelleration. Which royally messes up any 3D gaming and prevents your monitor from being autodetected properly (so the resolution drops to 1024x786)

To fix it: Go into the device manager. Find your videocard, select properties, update the driver. Tell Windows you'll manually search, then manually select. Then select the legacy driver from 2015 rather then the generic VGA bullcrap from november this year which doesn't work.

*one annoyed support tech that is very close to disabling W10 automatic updates alltogether if this keeps up*


  • phantomforce#4598 phantomforce Posts: 232 Community Moderator
    I would normally recommend downloading the driver from ATI/Nvidia instead of this method.

    I think it's a known issue that large Windows updates tent to replace the video driver with the Windows default drivers. This is sommething that was common as far back as Windows Vista. It's not exclusive to Windows 10, or a new issue.​​
  • aetjeaetje Posts: 33 Arc User
    Unfortunately, for legacy cards (I have a rather antiquated Radeon HD4890, for PWI this more then suffices) this isn't an option. The ATI Catalyst drivers for Windows 10 only support HD5000 and upward. There are no drivers from the manufacturer that support older cards, only the standard Windows drivers.
  • fury85fury85 Posts: 167 Arc User
    Did you tried to install driver for windows 8 x64? or the driver for HD5000? Many time the driver package is the same.
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