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Charge Rewards update

blazerboyblazerboy Posts: 1,509 Arc User
Is there any hence you can add more StarChart related items like Astrospira Pearls Lvl2. Into charge rewards? It’s been 4 weeks of down HeavenFall Temple and due to the “Updating of Starchart items” it’s rediculously harder to farm farm 15.0 aptitude. This shouldn’t be a big deal considering most of the playerbase got 15.0 free and the Astrospira Pearls Lvl1 currently in is worthless and nobody even waste time with it @kalystconquerer#0876 >.< I already bought the Astrospira Pearls Lvl3 I need I just need Astrospira Pearls Lvl2 and prefer not to pay 500g on sale when almost everyone who got it did it free when it was actually farmable at a reasonable pace prior to this update D:
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  • jsxshadowjsxshadow Posts: 1,366 Arc User
    @blazerboy Yeah, I will never understand why they cut out the chart items from primal dailies. This vastly lowers the incentive to roll another character or for newbies to start the game.

    And I agree. 90% of the playerbase got 15 apt for free by just doing 1 daily for a few months and now...those months are like nearly a year.

    The only way to get astropira level 2 currently are:

    TNF, Heavenfall Temple, some as Sky-Level Rewards, Homestead-Minions-Rewards, Transmutation and the Boutique.

    Sounds like alot but everything is based on specific timeslots (cept boutique and sky levels but latter are 1 time-only) and it take ages...it's weird anyways..normally you expect a game to make it easier to progress for all the people that join in later on but PWI has shown to do the opposite quite a few times now by removing something to make it significantly harder for new ppl to get there...weird.
  • blazerboyblazerboy Posts: 1,509 Arc User
    Which is why putting them in charge rewards atleast helps. Because in a sense yes it’s not 100% free but it’s a bonus you didn’t really pay for which would put money in Pwi pockets and help new/old players in catching up. My newest toon farms less in 4 weeks than my old toon did in 1 week prior to this update. How is this by any means fair to new players? How do you expect them to catch up just empty their wallets? I’m not asking for it to be free completely even though others did but I don’t think adding them like 5 every 10g is too much to ask for. @kalystconquerer#0876
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