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Barbarian website - Guide, ecc

fury85fury85 Posts: 253 Arc User
Just to let you know that I bought my own website and I moved the whole Barb site with guide, help, ecc on the new site.

New site link is: www.roarking.it

Thank you.
Level 105 Barbarian with Deity Stone


  • npc15npc15 Posts: 229 Arc User
    I don't really play a barb but nice site. very informative and thorough. Someone in WC needed barb help earlier I sent em there
    Thanks Adilynne for the awesome sig :)
    My Youtube Channel

    Tempest <3
  • jsxshadowjsxshadow Posts: 1,414 Arc User
    Nice site roar!!!

    While we are at it...did they finally fix Raging Slap with glyphs on? Just noticed that it was bugged when it came out but didn't really re-test it now. It only ever applied the shield, but the aggro function was completely disabled. Otherwise AOE-glyph for 3v3 would be OP.
  • fury85fury85 Posts: 253 Arc User
    Thank you all.

    @jsxshadow about Raging Slap I think it fixed. I have it with glyph on both barb and work shiled and aggro. The AOE Raging Slap is not so much good, range is really very close, most the time hard to use. I like blue one that give you the chance to immobilize and mighty swing again.

    btw I need to fix something on glyph part, comments are outdated.
    Level 105 Barbarian with Deity Stone
  • rallick#5268 rallick Posts: 3 Arc User
    I've just been testing that one and I had the weirdest thing happen to me - the first time I used Raging Slap with Verdant Glyph it didn't taunt the enemy, but I couldn't reproduce it - it work every single time after that, both on the target and others around it. I'll call that an anomaly and assume it just works.
  • fury85fury85 Posts: 253 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    I finished section "Gameplay" with all the barb job. Hope you can find it interesting and useful :)

    Level 105 Barbarian with Deity Stone
  • prancingprancing Posts: 133 Arc User
    Hey Roarking, i enjoyed to fight against you. This is a nice site and guide!

    Seems like since 7 years ago they've been buffing sage more than demon. With the new transform skill i think sage really got a nice perk with the chi gain. And they removed the -50% weapon damge in sage barb form. Not that it was super significant.
  • fury85fury85 Posts: 253 Arc User
    Thank you, I still working to Build section because is really outdated.
    Level 105 Barbarian with Deity Stone
  • fury85fury85 Posts: 253 Arc User

    New expension (PWI Wonderlands) come out and give alot of new updates on Barbarian, that will affect our gameplay. I did a little update on different parts of the site that involve new changes.

    Skill section:
    - Correct effects of Sanguine glyph on Cornered Beast.
    - Add new glyph for Violent Triumph and Blood Rush with my comments about PvP and PvE usage.
    - Add new glyph setup for Tank build, DD build and PvE build.

    Gameplay section:
    - Correct "How to Survive" adding Blood Rush (100 def level) and new interactions with Cornered Beast.
    - Add Violent Triumph on "How to do Damage", how to introduce this skill on your combo.

    Level 105 Barbarian with Deity Stone
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