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When to rebirth? pls help

Hi all.
Before I start, yes ive read all those guides in the web, and yet I still have difficulties to understand when to rebirth. For me I dont want th easy path, I just want to be the strongest. So I was wondering when to RB? Im actually lvl 102 and im aiming to be lvl105 in order to get the maximum points, but will that make me stronger?Lets say is I RB twice at lvl 105?


  • testxvitestxvi Posts: 308 Arc User
    When you are rb2, you can bump EXP into your old levels, so you can still be 105 x3 times even though you rebirthed before you were 105.
    Rebirth as soon as possible, that way you can catch up on other things you need as well (such as primal passives) meanwhile you level up your old levels. It's more of an advantage to get started on primals as soon you can, and it also makes your level process easier.​​
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  • catgirldesucatgirldesu Fluffy Fox Posts: 993 Arc User
    edited February 2016
    Indeed, rebirth as soon as possible.

    The extra spirit from Sky levels and the passives (defence, critical, HP etc.) will give you much more power than a few extra attribute points. You can level your historical level to 105 later and reach level 105-105-105 with time. No attribute points will be lost if you rebirth early. You can recover them later on. The sky levels and passives are much more important.

    Plus, you can do Flowsilver Palace every day and get a chance to farm better War Avatar cards. You can do the dailies which give you Star Chart materials, as well, to improve or, at least, level up your Star Chart.
  • joeciscojoecisco Posts: 102 Arc User
    After all is said and done, you'll get the same number of attribute points no matter when you do it. It's just where you're getting the points at that's different. Total will be the same.

    As others have stated, absolutely RB as soon as possible because you'll need to do a lot of dailies and farming in Primal, and you cannot get there until you RB.​​
  • iw8ing4uiw8ing4u Posts: 37 Arc User
    my advice is 1st RB the sec you reach lvl 100 and 2nd RB when your prime lvl is Arcane Sky X maxed... your goal is reach RB2 100 Shifting Sky X as soon as u can and then work on all things simultany... RB2 100 Shifting Sky+ is what open for u all options in game.
  • ellavoellavo Posts: 76 Arc User
    Hope you had goodies save upped when you rebirth....Like Brain Power's..Drunken Pill's...Fantasy Fruit...Profundity Scroll's....anything that gives EXP.....Wife had enough saved to lvl from 1 to 100 in under 2 hours.
    But like everyone has stated, rebirth as soon as u can :)
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