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  • chemjeff
    So can you blame me for wanting some type of gear to counteract the push/pull? It isn't that I'm not trying. It is just so frustrating to try to learn how to do it. Think about the rest of the attacks in Neverwinter. There isn't a single other mechanic like this. Every other mechanic has a long telegraph or a mechanic that can be easily learned, like "dodge the ice". This is the only one in the entire game like this. And it is so difficult to find the opportunity to practice it.
    December 2018
    • dupeks
      If you can get into groups by "lying about how exp you are" and were able to do that before, then keep doing that and take that first push-pull as your practice until you figure it out... with the guidance you've been given in thread it shouldn't take more than 5 or so, maybe even fewer attempts with a good group. And if you die sometimes, oh well.

      Alternately, recruit CODG "training runs" where everyone is expecting to practice push pull. Admittedly I used to see more of these when the content was newer, but I think you'd still be able to pull together a group during busier times (whenever that is for you).

      Finally, I do believe you were arguing for nerfing FBI earlier, but that other content was fine. Now a couple months later you're arguing for nerfing CODG (by making it easier to accomplish). I empathize with the frustration of encountering challenging content when it's still new to you, but I disagree with the goal of making NW "easy" to cater to those newcomers.
  • chemjeff
    And yes I can still get ampoules, by lying about how "exp" I am. I find a desperate team looking for 1 more DC, go in, die on first push/pull, and pray that the group leader doesn't kick me. But I don't do that. Maybe I should though.
    December 2018
  • chemjeff
    And after the third run, everyone started leaving.
    December 2018
  • chemjeff
    So please tell me how I'm supposed to master it and get better at it when these are what the practice runs look like.
    December 2018
  • chemjeff
    Okay so here were my three most recent Cradle practice runs.
    First run, the group wiped on the elevator.
    Second run, the group actually made it to the boss, and to first push/pull, but I got proned right when pull started, so prone + pull means I got dragged in. Didn't get to practice push at all.
    Third run, group got to boss, but wiped before first push/pull.

    At this rate, maybe I will master it by Mod 35.
    December 2018
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    December 2018