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EXTENDED MAINTENANCE - All platforms (including test shards) across all Cryptic titles will be down May 29 from 5am to 11am PDT

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  • mistressphoenix wrote: » STO, NW, and CO are all down. They appear to have had a major issue. Time to go play some more GW2 while i wait for them to fix this (probably some time tomorrow.) even forums are having a hard time loading pages;…
  • honey badgers collect loot in the wild.
  • docterry wrote: » Am I right in assuming that when the game starts for real I will lose my characters and my Zen purchases, but the spent Zen will be refunded? yes. added for post
  • elenoe8 wrote: » no more like this: augmented reality the future of social media, ffs even a friend count. it's actually a little frighting when you think about it; imagine walking up to someone and having to look up before addressing them…
  • mosnacky01 wrote: » I honestly have no issue having no early access, I have a feeling the forums are going to be very entertaining for the next five days anyway. defiancelaunchcoughcoughcough lmfao y u bring me down? ffs i hope no…
  • if you're in the same instance, yes. i don't think you understand the difference, instances are not open world, open world implies singularity, all players on one server/one region/one big as_ map, this game does not have that. if you want to fin…
  • instanced based game, everything including pvp is instanced.
  • elenoe8 wrote: » well, in the real world you don't have your name floating above your head so you wouldn't even notice... this would be SO awesome irl, i would imagine sparking random conversations with people just standing around because i l…
  • mosnacky01 wrote: » Could you clear up the rumor that a few select people have already gotten access, and if true could you tell us why? source or gtfo? i can tell you i'm playing right now but that would just be silly, right?
  • chomag wrote: » Play Path of Exile while waiting. It's completely free and very good if you wanna burn some hours. pfft HC ladder or gtfo. but to be honest i fell off this game hard after i lost two very high level HC characters, i ate <…
  • i'm feeling a terrible stomach ache right now, that's about all the symptoms i'm experiencing at the moment. tomorrow morning however is a completely different story; i imagine i'll wake to joy and after eating breakfast i'll probably get anxious, q…
  • berserkerkitten8 wrote: » Tyler Do'Urden of the guild Fight Club ROFL if the max allotted characters that were in beta2/3/4 are still allowed in OB i'm going to have the same obnoxious name i had as before, and i'll be sporting a drow a…
  • cronis10000 wrote: » Call me a **** troll all you like, GWF has beefiness? and Wizard has control and therefore the damage imbalance in the game is OK? Rogues whether you like it or not need to be addressed or it will be Neverwinter Rogue. D…
  • pilf3r wrote: » You want to be careful with prebuillt pc you often can not upgrade them easily, they often do not tell you what parts they used etc. Sure they are slightly cheaper but then it usually because the parts are cheap. newegg.com ofte…
  • thaliff wrote: » ROFL at dunce ie; love this.
  • malibear wrote: » Question: Did any1 dare to buy the Honey Badger? If so what was it like? :-P someone on here bought it and posted pics, sadly i can't remember who it was.