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asterdahl Cryptic Developer


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    April 16
  • ruigat911
    Скажите, чем Вы руководствувались, когда сделали что щит у паладина не отключается после отпускания кнопки шифт, и соответственно бодрость не востанавливается, из чего вытекает что щит получается у паладина (юстициар) не востанавливается, или это такой баг
    April 14
  • mrlight73#3252
    Hi asterdahl. I really love this MMO you guys made. Im a fresh endgame player BTW, just started a month ago. I love most of the changes MOD 16 is about to offer but my biggest concern is the oversimplification of the powers and feats tree. Is there any chance you can retain the current powers and feats tree? Its one of the biggest assets of NW and MOD 16 would take away a huge UP factor for the game if the new power/feats systems are implemented. Thanks for hearing me out. Know that there are people who appreciate and admire your hard work. :)
    April 5
  • asterdahl earned the 100 Insightfuls badge.
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    March 27
  • marnival
    Hi Mr Asterdahl.
    My name is [email protected] on OP and [email protected] on Gf.

    This is about the anvil and smite loosing damage on first hit.

    I tested for several days now and the no damage is consistent even if not 100%.

    What happens is when you attack mobs the registrer damage numbers 100 or less from both procs and the encounters just before and after = vorpal does 100 anvil/smite does 100 then the damage continues normal.

    This happens less often once the mobs health is below 50% so either it something about the targeting of the encouners or something makes the mobs take less damage at start.

    Hope this help and I write this as a mail is it would only take up room on forum,

    March 20
  • asterdahl earned the 1000 Comments badge.
    You’re practically family.
    March 17
  • asterdahl and c3rb3r3 earned the 100 Agrees badge.
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    March 7
  • lipbull
    Hi asterdahl, if i looked at the german Forum im a bit confused cause there is no related thread About mod 16. My question is why? I can moderate this if you want. I can also moderate english Forum.
    Greetz ObelX
    March 3
  • lipbull
    Hi Asterdahl, Maybe i wrote a few Posts so far. My question is - do you have a job for someone who answers Questions in the Forum? I can do it cause i do it for my old employer. Thats not a candidature but a question if its possible or not. Also i cas do it in german. Thx and Greets, ObelX
    March 3