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SKT no quests in lonely wood

bobo#5090 bobo Posts: 541Member Arc User
Like it says, I have no quests in lonely wood. I bought campaign buyout token a while back, and had an issue with quest in bryn shandar. Now when I go to bryn shandar, and pick up the "Defending the Dale" quest I can do quests in bryn shandar, and cold run, but there is no one to give me quests in lonely wood. I have tried abandoning the quest, and picking it up the next day, and I still have no quests available in lonely wood.

This needs to be fixed please.


  • lowjohnlowjohn Posts: 1,010Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    What happens if you complete the Defending The Dale daily instead of abandoning it? Same behaviour next day?
  • lordnagy#1603 lordnagy Posts: 121Member Arc User
    After buying the buyout token...did you actually go through the campaign quest line? You HAVE to go through Bryn’s quest line to open Lonelywood and it’s quests.
  • mordekai#1901 mordekai Posts: 1,379Member Arc User
    Yeah, Campaign "Completion" tokens are not exactly what the name suggests.

    When you've bought the "Completion" token, if you want to take advantage of the later quests, weeklies and so on you have to... complete the campaign and unlock them.
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