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  • havlockehavlocke Posts: 194Member Arc User
    krumple01 said:

    havlocke said:

    What is it with people's paranoia atm? The streak breaker is 150. If it ate the whole 999 stack then its bugged and is NOT meant to happen. File a ticket. All screaming would get you is more people saying "file a ticket".

    At a 1% upgrade success rate it is not improbable that you could use a stack of 999 pres wards and still fail ignoring a 150 streak breaker.

    The thing is with % chance is that you are never guaranteed the upgrade. It just becomes more probable as you spend wards due to the statistical odds.

    I notice that players are more than happy to complain when they go beyond their success odds on an upgrade but are more than happy not to complain if they get an upgrade on the first try. Where are these complaints? If over use of wards going beyond the statistical odds is so bad then why don't players complain when they beat the odds?

    Just shows the hypocrisy in a typical player who complains.

    While I've agreed with you on a number of issues, with this one, I think you might want to read back a couple of entries in this particular thread. I WASN'T complaining for a start about statistical odds. I WAS complaining about people not reading the thread and seeing that there will be a Streak Breaker mechanic and automatically assuming the worst of the worst.
  • wylonuswylonus Posts: 2,133Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    probable chances if the odds are 1 in 18001510001 which happen to be ARC secret phone numbers, 1 800 151 (arc) 0001, just dial and use the thumb, and dont forget to bring your towel.
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