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Masterwork 3 recipes disappeared

qbaldo#4595 qbaldo Posts: 1Member Arc User
It seems all of my characters that were working on the first tier of masterwork 4 items have lost their masterwork 3 recipes that were already purchased from the stronghold. I do not want nor should I have to repurchase them because it is so expensive to come up with 20 of anything to begin with. I have pictures to show that in fact that I am at the point of making the titansteel armor to turn in but do not have the Masterwork 3 recipes anymore to make it. This has happened on all the toons that were in the first stage of Masterwork 4 recipes.


  • nitocris83nitocris83 Posts: 2,578Member, Administrator Community Manager
    Have you submitted a ticket to support?
  • thefiresidecatthefiresidecat Posts: 3,504Member Arc User
    edited March 18

    Have you submitted a ticket to support?

    mw3 recipes not being there has been happening for a number of people since this last mod dropped. I know i don't have the recipes for armor. I DID send a ticket and all they do is say, sounds like a bug .go to the forums. we can't help you even a little and then NOTHING from anyone. I still do not have my recipes. doing some googling proved me not to be alone. there are other reports of it in the forums too. I'd personally LOVE to hear back on this because yeah this is an expensive step to have hanging in limbo.
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  • nativerock9015#2463 nativerock9015 Posts: 49Member Arc User
    I also have this problem on 2 of my characters. It frustrating and annoying. I cannot afford to purchase the items from trade house as the cost is astronomical.because of this I cannot progress any further
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