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Artisan's Application Changes Unexpectedly

froger#9967 froger Posts: 181Member Arc User
edited January 31 in Bug Reports (Xbox One)
Last night I was reviewing my artisan applications when I came across Jonhild Stouthammer. Thinking they may fit well in my workshop but my employment is at capacity I went to review my current artisans. After releasing Dilara Ayak I went back to hire Jonhlid only to see the application change before my eyes to Elend Legrande (at the 33 second mark https://1drv.ms/v/s!AnUakg2k5eUXiRCUnIvSRAKukP-l). Curious but I checked applications on my other characters and found almost every time I review an application then go back the artisan or artisan stats change, below are videos of this.




My expectation is the application would be static until accepted or declined.

Froger - GWF - Main in spirit only - 9 3/4 Unbuffed - Xbone
Jade - DC - Main - 9 3/4 Unbuffed - Xbone
Magnus - GF - Alt - 9 3/4 Unbuffed - Xbone
Loverboy - HR - Alt - 9 3/4 Unbuffed - Xbone
Nomnomnommm - CW - Alt - Droppin Crits on Fools - Xbone
I Am The Wall - On Hold - 9 3/4 Unbuffed - Xbone

Jade - DC - Shadows of Gauntlgrym - PC


  • rmn519#7682 rmn519 Posts: 1Member Arc User
    This is still occurring. I had a full roster of artisans and had one apply that I liked better. I dismissed an artisan and went back to the applications to accept but the person shown was different; it was a different name as well as which profession they were applying for. I went to an alt that also had a full roster and did the same thing to make sure it wasn't my imagination but the same thing happened again. Both workshops are level 2 and this happened yesterday.
  • jamiefors#0606 jamiefors Posts: 18Member Arc User
    This also happens at lvl 4 workshop, a great artisan popped up but I was at max, so I went in and dismissed a couple tomake room, when I went back he was gone and replaced by a common artisan
  • frogwalloper#6494 frogwalloper Posts: 370Member Arc User
    edited March 22
    Same thing on the PS4 - lost a couple great candidates this way.
    I'm trying to get into the habit of keeping at least one slot open just in case I get someone good.
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