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Guardian fighter battle stance

amadmongrelamadmongrel Posts: 9Member Arc User
edited March 15 in Bug Reports (Xbox One)
After doing a Castle Never run on the 11th of March my guardian fighter would randomly go into battle stance even though there aren't any enemies in the vicinity.
I have the horseman' s Sabatons equiped and have had them for quite some time now and up until that date have never had it happen with the gear that i currently have.
I thought that it may have been due to my companion but even without one summoned it would still do it but then today it hasn't happened once so i don't know if it was fixed or not so i thought I'd put it up on here to let the devs know


  • amadmongrelamadmongrel Posts: 9Member Arc User
    So to provide an update on this now my gf will do one of 3 things
    #1 will go out of battle stance immediately
    #2 will stay in battle stance for an extended period of time
    #3 will be in battle stance to then go out of it but then go back into holding up weapons as if it can detect the new group of enemies in the next area
    This is getting ridiculous now as I've tried with other companions, have removed items of gear etc but it still does it so I'm running out of ideas
  • amadmongrelamadmongrel Posts: 9Member Arc User
    Update #2
    So to give people a better idea of what happens with my gf
    I only have ravenloft hunt gear equipped
    I have an striker companion summoned
    I have tried using other companions
    I don't have earthtredders boots
    So basically what will happen is that upon defeating a group of enemies my gf will continue holding sword/ shield out to the sides like when you are fighting enemies and will do so for sometime despite there being no enemies around but sometimes it will put down the weapons straight away.
    I have reset the settings to default as suggested but that made it worse.
    I have also rebooted the console, modem & router.
    Today the 21st of March it was still doing it but after awhile i noticed that the problem was gone
  • rickcase276rickcase276 Posts: 1,087Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    It is something that is causing you to deflect something, whether it be damage or a positive effect. No clue what it could be, but that is what is probably is.
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