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Stuck on Great Deeds

weatherplayerweatherplayer Posts: 7Member Arc User
Played a couple of characters now up to level 10+. Some of them I had no trouble with Great Deeds. Found the odd and obscure way to "Sort the Shards" on at least one toon, and it worked fine.
But I've got an Oathbound Paladin, lvl 13, who is stuck. Don't have shards and can't find them. Or can't pick them up.
Did I sell them by mistake? I found a map in a post somewhere that shows the location of shards in Tower District and when I go to a location there I see a broken thing on the ground, but can't interact with it.

Why is this so hard?
Did I miss the quest that picks up the shards?
Can I go back and do it, or is this quest now Dead to me?
Did I sell those broken shards as treasure by mistake?

Can someone point me to the fix for this?
I've done lots of searches and the only thing I've found that wasn't obvious is that I have to right click on a title in the campaign list or some other thingy somewhere to "Sort the Shards" - how odd? A brand new mechanic? Anyway. I don't see that on this character and she has 0 of 40 broken shards anyway.



  • weatherplayerweatherplayer Posts: 7Member Arc User
    NVM I think. I found that I had not completed the other two campaigns in the list and had never done "Collecting the Past". So now I've accepted "Collecting the Past" and hopefully I can finish things now.
    Sigh. Not confusing at all.
  • weatherplayerweatherplayer Posts: 7Member Arc User
    Yep. That was it. Progressing now in campaigns.
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