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Unlocked Renaer's Salvation in Campaign but Quest is not available

I unlocked Renaer's Salvation in Campaign but Quest is not available. I came from a support ticket that advised me to post here.

I did not do anything out of the ordinary I got the acorns to unlock the campaign node and then unlocked it. When I saw there was no weekly quest to be found and could not progress to unlocking the bank heist afterwards i decided to wait a bit and reset my xbox but still no quest.

I did not receive any error message when talking to Omin Dran.

I can attach a Xbox Game clip of the quest not being in my journal nor Orin having any additional quest for me, as well as a screen shot of my Acquisition Campaign. But I do not know how to.


  • johnnyreklaw#1518 johnnyreklaw Posts: 111Member Arc User
    edited March 1
    Did you unlock it last week? The actual Box called Renear's Salvation does not unlock a quest. Did you do a quest where you go to River District (Like actually travel, not going to the airship like the other 6 quests) to go to another map (a completely useful part of the mission), beat some guys, enter a cave, beat some guys, talk to a guy in a cage, beat 2 more groups of guys, open the cage, then beat 5 sets of guys to open 5 chests, to beat a double mini-boss room, then go through a door to the next door to put a goldfish down and help a beholder kill people before talking to the guy from the cage again?

    If so, that was the Quest Renaer's Salvation.

    If you haven't done that quest, check your signpost/travel gate. Do you have a quest to do in River District? Unlike previous AI quests, this one doesn't leave from the airship, but you go to River District and take a boat.
  • poisd2strike#7598 poisd2strike Posts: 42Member Arc User
    The Temple Intrusion Campaign task unlocks the Renaer's Salvation quest, just like completing Reptilian Extraction campaign task unlocks the Temple Intrusion quest.
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