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Chultan hunter not getting extra forgotten totems

bobo#5090 bobo Posts: 201Member Arc User
As it says, I've got a chultan hunter comp, and I hit 95 forgotten totems today, I did not get my extra totem for a quest turn in(got 5, had been getting 6 all last week). It also gave me the error message about bouncing off the weekly haul limit, and it shouldn't as my weekly haul limit is 150(I've completed the Ubato quest(center campaign progression path). I went back and did another easy 5 totem quest to verify that the comp is broken and sure enough only 5 totems when I had been getting 6 before. Still got the error message about bouncing off the weekly haul. I did get the 5, but the extra isn't there. I'm wondering if it was broken all day, and only just now noticed it. I'm not questing in Cult anymore till it's fixed. Please help.


  • johnnyreklaw#1518 johnnyreklaw Posts: 111Member Arc User
    The error message actually pops up when the companions hit their maximum extra totems. There are 2 maximums: 1 for the weekly haul and one for the companions. For example, the chultan tiger (that gives extra Omu Idols) always runs out about the point I hit 125ish Idols. I get that every time I earn idols, but the weekly haul keeps going up.

    The good news with this is that you can earn more than 175 per week with the companion. I haven't ever cared what the cap is, but you should be able to accept quests and do them to complete the haul, even when the companion is maxed out. Easy way to check is to try to get a 5 totem quest. If it shows 5 totems possible reward, your haul is accepting.

    I hope I'm making sense on only one cup of coffee...
  • bobo#5090 bobo Posts: 201Member Arc User
    edited March 6
    I have't bounced off the weekly haul yet. I don't see anywhere that the comp has a max bonus per week, It just says that the comp confers a 10% bonus drop, and I'm getting that on the 5 totem quests now. My weekly haul, and my total totems are increasing by only 5 when I complete a 5 totem quest. All last week the weekly haul, and the total totems would increase by 6 when completing a 5 totem quest. Or maybe the total totems increased by 6, and the weekly haul only by 5, I can't remember now. The point is, I'm not getting the bonus this week that I was last week with the chultan hunter.
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  • bobo#5090 bobo Posts: 201Member Arc User
    Edited above for clarity
  • johnnyreklaw#1518 johnnyreklaw Posts: 111Member Arc User
    The cap is briefly mentioned here https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/neverwinter/news/detail/10608104

    Important part: "The Chultan Hunter companion no longer allows players to gain bonus currency beyond timed caps."

    From the day I bought the tiger (never had the hunter), I receive 25 extra campaign currency, then I only get the minimum from quests/hunts/other things. There is a cap, and I think its 25 for all companions giving extra currency.
  • bobo#5090 bobo Posts: 201Member Arc User
    So there's a hidden cap on the bonus totems the chultan hunter gives? There is absolutely nothing in the Zen market description about a cap on the bonus currencies that the chultan hunter gives. I get bonus chultan riches as I expect to, but I have NOT hit my weekly haul yet this week, and I am NOT getting the bonus totems up to my weekly haul limit like I did last week. Is the above link implying that there is a 2nd limit on the bonus totems other than the weekly haul? If so these guys need to be specific, and start giving people their money for this comp back due to false advertisement. If not I need to figure out how to file a ticket. I know you have to link yer gamer tag to an arc account, but my arc account is has pc toons set up now and I don't want to risk losing my xbox toons if I link to that one.
  • johnnyreklaw#1518 johnnyreklaw Posts: 111Member Arc User
    The bonus totems as part of the companion bonuses are NOT registered in your Weekly Haul. If I recall, that particular patch was because players were getting totems after the weekly haul was full and opening dungeons well earlier by farming totem missions and getting extra totems beyond the limit.

    The following is my speculation as to the devs thought process.

    Think of it like this: you earn 10% more Totems. How do you calculate 10% of 5 totems given by missions? You can't get .5 totems, and if you end on a percentage, then what? It seems they "round up." For example, 10% of 25 is 2.5 (25 being a weekly total). I usually get 3 extra totems from that. So I've rounded up.

    Now lets take the weekly Haul of 175 (when you unlock the whole campaign). 10% of that would be 17.5 totems. Add another 25 totems for hunts (not counted in the weekly haul) and its 200 totems, or 20 bonus. The cap of 25 is giving you 10% more totems.

    Otherwise the system could be abused. Go and run 35 missions and 1 star hunts, and you're getting WAY more than 10% additional totems. By capping the companion, and using the above rounding, we're getting slightly more (again, I believe the cap is 25) than 10% bonus totems based on available caps. TO my knowledge, there are 200 possible totems a week (I think siege counts in the weekly haul total), so by getting 25 additional totems, we are just over 10% bonus totems.

    Again, that's my speculation, but the math does work out to 10% more totems, even with this capped.
  • bobo#5090 bobo Posts: 201Member Arc User
    So it's 10% of my cap as additional? The I watched it all last week, and everytime I turned in a 5 totem quest the haul went up by 5, but my overall went up by 6. This week that's not happening. It seems like the bonus stopped when I hit 90 on my haul. This seem like a really shady way to get money, by telling me it'll give a bonus, but then theres a hidden cap on the bonus. I did 150 this week, and I know I didn't get 15 extras. And to have the error message pop up everytime I complete a quest.

    Changing topics do hunts always drop totems? I did one today before I hit my haul, and didn't get any.
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