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AI Campaign Progression Issues - No Weeklies

yogizillayogizilla Posts: 10Member Arc User
A number of us have experienced an issue where the only quest we can repeat in AI is the Basement Investigation. As a result, we have acorns but cant complete campaign tasks because Odin does not provide the related weekly quest.

In my particular case, I have an alt who has done Retrieval Operations dozens of times. I have tried following the quest pass and avoiding any cutscene skips, as others have told me this glitches the quest. Even waited a few seconds after getting the egg to get the Quest Complete splash.

No matter what I do, I cant turn in the quest to Odin. What's worse is that I can't abandon the quest as it doesn't exist in my journal. So this toon is stuck in an endless loop, unable to earn Neverember Incentives.

If you had a similar issue, please describe what happened and what you did. I know a number of players who really believe Basement Inv is the only quest in the campaign so they have given up because it is too much if a grind.

Mind you, I completed the campaign on my main two weeks ago or so with no problems. One of my alts seems to be progressing fine too and is on her way to getting the HoF enchantment.

Not sure why this one toon is glitched but I cant progress through Acquisitions Incorporated on her.


  • yogizillayogizilla Posts: 10Member Arc User
    If your weeklies have been glitched or you are currently stuck, please respond so we can bump up this bug. This is a biggie!
  • yogizillayogizilla Posts: 10Member Arc User
    CORRECTION: I have multiple toons with the same issue. I can go on the airship to do Retrieval Operation but can't turn in. No journal entry so I can't abandon either.
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