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[PC] aquisitions incorporated is still bugged on my cleric and probably on 2 other chars still

vigor#8801 vigor Posts: 132Member Arc User
edited February 13 in Peer to Peer Tech Forum
Its been over a month since I have tried this campaign again because I had 3 chars bugged. I submitted tickets through in game support. Nothing. When i do Retrieval Operation on [email protected] I go all of the way through it (I have done it a lot of times on other characters, i know how to do it) but after stealing the egg I don't get the "objectives complete" on the screen like I do with every other character.

I can't get anywhere in this campaign without getting beyond this campaign task.

Under the quest I show
Check - talk to jim darkmagic
Check - go to the airship and ...
and then nothing, yet I have done all of the steps over and over and over.

At this point, I think I deserve some make-up acorns, not because you're compensating me, but because it is the right thing to do. If I had the acorns from each time I have been through this but didn't get credit I would probably have 20+ 4 or 5 x 15.


I have 2 other characters who are unable to GET the ranaer's salvation quest. They have (or at least had) all of the acorns they needed to complete the campaign task. Problem is, they haven't gotten the quest. Now, there may be some other, hidden requirement like you have to get all of the boons first or something, but nothing I see says there are any other requirements and I don't want to keep banging at the problem if I am bugged. (like I am sure I am bugged on my cleric)

2 stuck chars at ranaer's salvation are [email protected]#8801 and [email protected]#8801. I wanted to get this done on them a long time ago so I could get all of my neverember's incentives...

And one more thing. Why isn't there any place where you can see aq inc quests. They are scattered across a bunch of maps. Having the quest listed in each map is messy. I have to know what the quests are and where they reside to see the quest. I would think that would create an awful lot of problems. Maybe, if I could see all of the quests in one place, I could see what the problem is.

I COULD sort by return map, but then aq inc quests are mixed with a whole bunch of other quests that aren't part of the campaign. Why isn't there an option to sort by campaign? Wouldn't that make everyone's game-lives simpler?
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  • thefiresidecatthefiresidecat Posts: 3,397Member Arc User
    For the retrieval quest have u tried deleting it and starting over w new quest it always works for me when that quest bugs
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  • apocalypse#5976 apocalypse Posts: 1Member Arc User
    I have similar issue as you.Ranears salvation should have been unlocked this week but game decided to move me back in time :( and i had to do temple intrusion again even thou i unlocked it last week.So it comes up that i need another week to be able to unlock Bank heist.Could any dev,moderator have a look and if possible fix this asap.Thank you.
  • vigor#8801 vigor Posts: 132Member Arc User

    For the retrieval quest have u tried deleting it and starting over w new quest it always works for me when that quest bugs

    will try that thanks.
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