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[UPDATED] CTA Seasons Tokens of Heroes Issues



  • bigohbigoh Posts: 3Member Arc User
    Got no tokens yesterday nor today. Ran 10+ CTA's...
  • regenerderegenerde Posts: 2,216Member Arc User
    edited January 27
    Well, several runs where i was the only one fighting through the waves and the boss while the rest of the "team" was allready standing around the reward chest at the exit, plus having to delete the "limited" rewards all the time to keep the tokens from bugging away, isn't the "fun" i'm expecting to find in an event...

    Anyway, considering the grind and the bugs, i'd suggest to turn these "season" rewards into account-wide unlocks. And yes, please replace this "new" event HAMSTER with a regular quest system, like the one we allready have during the Siege of Neverwinter event. That one is working just fine.

    Last but not least, i do prefer something that i only have to do once per day and takes 10 min. to get through, over something that "only" takes 1-5 min. but has to be done 10+ times per day.
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  • baeyornbaeyorn Posts: 139Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User

    I may have a workaround to get tokens until the thing gets fixed.

    a. If you have alliance battle horn (any color), champions battle horn (any color), or the Mini-Frastr pet.. drop/delete/trash them immediately.
    => Something in the season code does not play well with any of the 3. Yes, even champions battle horn from Siege.

    b. Start running the CTA dailies.

    c. if you get a Mini-Frastr/Alliance battle Horn, drop it before even leaving the skirmish instance.

    d. Continue running the CTA's, up to a minimum of 11, with an exception as noted in (e).

    e. If you do get any mini-pets or horns, running an extra CTA for each drop of each you get. If you get a double drop, such as horn and Mini-pet, run two extra CTA's.


    no drops = run 11 CTA's
    1 drop = run 12 CTA's
    2 drops = run 13 CTA's

    Again, run an extra CTA for every mini-pet and Horn drop you get.. EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE DISCARDING THE DROPS BEFORE YOU EVER LEAVE THE CTA WHERE YOU GOT THEM.

    That is capitalised because it may be the most important part of the whole workaround.

    On one of my characters, wound up running 17(?) CTA's, due to a double drop and several single drops of green and blue horns.

    I am consistently getting the tokens using the procedure above.

    Full caveat of course if it fails to work others. It is working consistently for me.

  • bayaz#7892 bayaz Posts: 40Member Arc User
    After my runs today, my advice to others would be:

    -Do NOT discard anything, you get from the event.

    -If you get the blue horn, you are screwed for this day. Do NOT discard it,though.

    -If you get the "unique..." message: Just open the box and keep on running the CtA. Longest it took me to get the token, was 12 tries.

    I was unable to get the token on day 1, when my 4 chars got the blue horn, i kept it and the tokens were awarded on the days afterwards.
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  • iandarkswordiandarksword Posts: 954Member Arc User
    I feel like this should be a quest from General Sabine that you turn in upon completion of the 10 skirmishes to receive the Token of Heroes. Not only does that add a level of immersion, as well as use an underutilized NPC, it eliminates the auto-drop that seems to be the root of the issue.
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  • syrvaughnsyrvaughn Posts: 7Member Arc User
    Doing the CTA with 4 toons every day since it went live. Each day I average 15-20 runs per toon. Sometimes more. Two of the toons now have 2 tokens each, Two toons have one token each after all these runs. There is no posted work around that works consistently. I have tried them all.

    On a positive note, I think I have gotten every other reward out of this mess and thousands of medallions of battle to spend.

    I too am very curious as to what they are going to do to reimburse their player base for this.
  • vigor#8801 vigor Posts: 132Member Arc User
    according to the event tracker on the right side of the screen you have to do 10 runs to get your daily token. I have done ten and did not get one on multiple chars. I did an awful lot more than 10 on my main. My guild mate did an awful lot more than 10, no token.

    I am wondering if these chars will get the token 24 hrs after they got the last one. That would make sense I suppose, but the event description hasn't explained that at all. and if that were the case, it should probably be 20 hours or people would be unlikely to get them all over the course of the event. (I assume most people work on friday.

    So, if my theory is right, I have been banging my head against a programmable wall all weekend. No wonder I am so frustrated. No wonder I have gotten nothing done all weekend. No wonder I am in a bad mood.

    P.S. I hate the map. I hate not being able to see. I hate not being able to mount my horse to go look for the enemies the attention deficit disorder kids let through the line because they run all over the place rather than holding their spot in the line. What is worse, is I don't know if they are simply trying to get more kills or if they actually think they are speeding up the process. After they all run to one corner of the map everyone is out of position and lots of enemies are getting through and not dying quickly.

    And there are so many people afk leeching. Can something be done about them?

  • vigor#8801 vigor Posts: 132Member Arc User
    ragnarz2 said:

    As for the people upset about 10 runs to get something. There are some things in this event that are pretty nice. You expect them to give you those things for 1 run per day?

    Frankly having to do 10 runs to discover if you are randomly broken and wont receive a token is enough reason to critique the mechanism for being broken and for it being repetitively stupid. I am sure you could probably come up with a better way for people to earn the currency to purchase the nice things.

    Broken is broken and stupid is stupid. Your mileage may vary.
    the event being bugged, the event being boring, and the event requiring a little bit of effort to get valuable things are separate issues.

    I hate this event. Can't see, everyone on my team has ADD. I would solo it (and have) but even with lousy teammates it is still faster than soloing it.

    I much prefer a flat "do 10 runs and get your token" than suffering the fate of this game's random number generator. (which is clearly broken)

  • scubamurph#2300 scubamurph Posts: 10Member Arc User
    How bad are the devs of this game? Can they not properly test anything they put forward?
    Everything released no matter what it is suffers from massive bugs (some game breaking and player base breaking).

    Some pride in their work would definitely not go amiss.

    They are supposed to be a professional business. It looks like it is being done by a couple of students.
    If anything it brings Wizards into disrepute for backing them.

    My 2c.
  • tornnomartornnomar Posts: 374Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    This is just borked beyond belief. No fix, just broke it further.
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  • barbaraburnsbarbaraburns Posts: 33Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    edited January 28
    Before the patch I did the event 11 times on 3 toons and once on a 4th toon .. no token on any of them .. not in inventory and not at Vendor.

    1. Friday after "emergency" patch .. I ran the event 11 times on my HR to get 1 token at the vendor but NOT in my inventory .. yesterday - note the token was there after the 6th run but I did all 11

    2. Saturday - 11 more times to get a 2nd token at the vendor but NOT in my inventory .. the token was there after the 6th to 8th run

    3. Sunday - another 11 times .. the token was there after the 6th to 8th run .. the vendor says I have 3 tokens but NONE are in my inventory ..

    so .. are these 3 tokens going to disappear with the event when it is over since they are NOT in my inventory?

    Screen Capture is at:

    Hope you have a great day!
  • eviladarkeviladark Posts: 4Member Arc User
    I've Ran the Cta Event on several toons and it doesn't count I've tried over the weekend because i didn't feel like giving up on it that said i stopt doing all toons when it became clear it didn't work at all and just did 2 to see if i at least could earn the drake witch seems just as rare a drop as any decent thing in the Event the mini golem can only be activated in inventory by right clicking ? i'm guessing that is a glitch as well or is it supposed to be like that
    Do hope There will be less problems next Cta event because i am sure most of us are doing this to get the Griffon
    the weapons to be earned are pretty but that is about it on those they lack a set bonus or a stat bonus at all compared to weapons already out there
  • karnivore#1070 karnivore Posts: 1Member Arc User
    edited January 28
    So what are we to do about our lost tokens situation, day 4 that I have easily done twice how many CTA's are required, and I only got my very first token yesterday....now again today I finished it, got the quest resolved notification and went to the event vendor to see just the 1 token from yesterday still there....so it's not even a consistant bug. So are we suppose to submit a ticket about it? (and then hope u take our word for it as conveniently our proof of event season completion resets everyday, I made sure to screenshot todays though)

    I agree with mentinmindmaker that it's got something to do with the 'Duplicate item' message. The only day I recieved a token was yesterday and it was also the only day I did "NOT" get a duplicate item chest at some point, which end up sitting in my inventory and I have to open it manually
  • agilestoagilesto Posts: 391Member Arc User
    The sad thing is, I'm very happy they rework a bit the rewards from the CTA. Having new stuff on the vendor like the Griffon and the (mostly useless but transmutes) weapons, and new drops from the skirmish itself like a mount, a vanity pet and a top-tiers horn, it's putting some new goals for an old and boring skirmish (at least this one is very quick to do).

    But when you have such a bug that randomly prevent players from getting a token, and thus making it impossible for them to buy the rewards on the store on the next CTA (meaning a several weeks delay until the 3rd CTA), that is not correct.

    I'am simply asking for a compensation for every character that did correctly their 10 skirmishes a day, not getting the token. 2 out of 3 of the toons I played the event with are concerned, with 1 token out of 3 days. Strangely enough my main correctly has its 3 tokens now, after a first day with 30-skirm and no token.
  • callumf#9018 callumf Posts: 941Member Arc User
    What a HAMSTER this is.

    Ok its more free stuff after a grind, but for me three days in, loads of CTAs run and only 2 tokens.

    It is simply unacceptable - please fix this :)
  • feioso123feioso123 Posts: 19Member Arc User
    3 Tokens in, with only not receiving any in the 1st day, what I did is similar to what was mentioned a few posts above...(keep in mind that if you get the unique error message, you are screwed for that day):

    DON'T do any runs without clearing your inv of all the unique rewards first (horns, pets, etc...)

    If you are rewarded with a horn/pet, delete it immediately, if you get the drake a 2nd time, pop in a mail box and send it to an alt, if you don't have vip mailbox, delete the drake as well.

    Thats pretty much it, once again...none of this works once you get the error message.
  • roguedemonhunter#1500 roguedemonhunter Posts: 31Member Arc User
    edited January 28
    styley177 said:

    On the subject of CTA stuff, why on earth do you want to make us run the thing x10 times per day to get the token.

    Personally that seems way way OTT and has taken most if not all desire to do it, i did it on day 1 with 1 of my 4 char's i'd like to get the stuff with, and was lucky enough to get the token, but cripes was it tedious (and this is one of the quicker ones).

    Today i couldnt bring my self to do it, 10 times is just too much, 3 maybe i could stomach, but 10, sorry but no way (and the count doesnt carry over so unless you do all 10 it's wasted effort).

    I have now after over three years of play, 19 alts. 2 thanks to the recent Neverember Recruit event. 10 x mission is simply not even feasible. Gawd, I think I have one character with 1, two on 3 of them, and 3 on only 2 of them. Bunch of them.... I have not bothered. INSANE. Also they're bugging. Doesn't help.

    Also, can we have re-skin versions that cost less please? TY

  • rainci#1282 rainci Posts: 1Member Arc User
    OK, now it's finally broken - 10 runs (actually 11) today ... no additional blue horn or Frastr in any run ... still no token.
    After running 200+ runs over the last days on 6 chars, I simply see no pattern in what is happening here.
    Well done!
  • ulanxulanx Posts: 12Member Arc User
    Thank you, I've only been able to get 1 token on my main CW and have run extra CTA's to see if that will help, but no luck
  • midnightitamidnightita Posts: 164Member Arc User
    ... And still no words from the devs
  • silverkeltsilverkelt Posts: 4,157Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    Its not a simple as .. do not open the chest.. that sometimes works, but not always, sometimes it takes a few extra runs.. sometimes if you get multiple boxes.. it doesnt seem to matter.. or it doubles the extra runs you need.

    They made this FAR to complex.. and while I know they just "dont" want to give stuff away.. the AFK leachers for the 10x run is so ANNOYING i can barely stomach it.. when you get the one that you have to solo you just want to quit and give it all up.. and you dont even know if your going to get a token for your troubles anyways.

    I had to run around 70 skirms on my dc for 3 tokens.. because of the broken HAMSTER.

    I gave up .. i just want one griffon.

    I STILL think to make this fair and right.. they should put them up for sale with medallions in the end.

    Of course no reponse its too early still. but im sure they will try to fix it for the next run. but many of us got royallally perturbed with this one.

    Why did you make this so complicated and annoying to run? What was the purpose of the TEN runs vs just 1 for token, then you can grind out other junk if you so chose.

    Also, come on, why cant we get like 1000 ad per run if we have to run this for hours on end for tokens.. at least throw a bit of a pittance of AD at us.. so we dont have to worry about the random queus in that day..

  • tholthertholther Posts: 107Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    I hope this get fixed soon. This is my 5th day doing 10/10 CTA on 2 characters and instead of 5 tokens I only have 3 tokens on each :(
  • silverkeltsilverkelt Posts: 4,157Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    3 is the max dude..
    some of us are having issues with just getting any tokens, due to broken unique status issues, and their fix didnt fix it, it made it worse.. because before you could just plug away and maybe get one.. but if you opened up a box afterwards you would never get one.
  • vattaravattara Posts: 249Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    edited January 29
    I really want the griffon and was willing (albeit with gritted teeth) to do the TEN (11) ctas per token but

    Etielle: Th-1 , Fri -1, Sat 1 and done
    Rue: Th -0 , Fri -1, Sat -1, Sun-1 and done
    SoulCaster: Th-0, Fri-1, Sat-1, Sun-1 and done
    Rydra: Fri-1, Sat-1, Sun-1 and done

    Sedona Th-1, Fri-1, Sat-0, Sun-0, Mon-0, Tues - 0
    Tamsin: Fri-1, Sat-1, Sun -0, Mon- 0, Tues -0
    Gossamer: Fri -2, Sat-0, Sun-0, Mon-0, Tues -0

    - Ran CTA 11+ on all toons
    - after reading about unique item errors and rewards on Thursday, left remaining 3 toons to start ctas after the emergency maintenance patch
    - discarded all green and blue horns and mini golem each round before starting another. Didn't seem to make a difference.
    - Hoping the devs will top up the Token count to the 3 max for the event participants.

    *** 29/1 saw that event was extended 2 more days, ran on the 3 toons that ware stuck at 2 tokens and none of them received a token today.
    IMO an extension is not the solution if the basic mechanic of the event is broken.

    *** 29/1 ok saw Pitshade's post about a mini-fix.
    CTA timer reset to 0. Ran 12 CTAs on Tamsin Nock - NO token again.
    Will try a few more runs standing on one foot while whistling dixie and see if that works :(
    Post edited by vattara on
  • kopisusu36b#1324 kopisusu36b Posts: 7Member Arc User
    I guess it's true, we never play neverwinter, neverwinter play us
  • finmakinfinmakin Posts: 151Member Arc User
    Day 1..
    30 runs... no token.
    Day 2.
    11 runs... 1 token.
    Day 3.
    20 runs... no token.`
    Day 4.
    35 runs... no token.

    Which means I will end this CTA with a single token.
    It's shameful to see that Dev's are implementing something in game without a proper testing, I know (and suspect) that they are forced by their lead(s) to push it trough.

    I would like to see that all participants are topped to the max (3) tokens before second CTA is starting.

    Dissapointed (but still hopeful)
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  • pakatapoespakatapoes Posts: 30Member Arc User
    Try to do it for 9 toons , realy good thinking and there are people with more than me
    I am here to have fun , not get frustrated with things that dont drop and have to do it more than 10 times and still no drop. They need to rethink this event
  • murphystoutmurphystout Posts: 16Member Arc User
    No tokens on Saturday or Sunday and ran many runs past the required 10. A token eventually showed up on Thursday and I got one Friday before the emergency patch. Since the patch I have got no tokens. Expect that is because I have all the items you can't get a duplicate of now.
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