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Masterwork 3 jewel crafting recipes

chnops68chnops68 Posts: 19Member Arc User
My masterwork 3 jewel crafting recipes did not unlock. Now I have the masterwork 4 jewel crafting quest but can’t make the amulets. Did I miss something? Has anyone else had this happen to them?


  • bumpzillabumpzilla Posts: 19Member Arc User
    You have to purchase them from the MW trainer in your Stronghold. I believe it costs 20 gold ingots iirc.
  • chnops68chnops68 Posts: 19Member Arc User
    Thank you Bumbzilla, that’s what I was over looking :) I’m all set now and working on the 3 amulets. Thanks again.
  • mykel#1361 mykel Posts: 4Member Arc User
    I have the quest for Jewelcrafting MW 1V. Can't make any of the amulets. I have Jewelcrafting MWIII but the only recipe it shows is the one for the Golden Chandelier. NOTHING ELSE. I have completed the Stronghold quests to make me a Master Jewelmaker. Got the clothes and Master tool, bought the MWIII volume for 20 Gold Ingots(or that's how I remember it). But only seeing the Gold Chandelier. Is this a bug for me or something else?
  • chnops68chnops68 Posts: 19Member Arc User
    I had to go to the main city in chult and pick the amulet quest up from an NPC that was standing around. Don’t remember if I had a quest to do it or if I found the quest with dumb luck.
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