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Problem rewards refer to friend and recharge Zen reward

amunrak29amunrak29 Posts: 3Member Arc User
HI, we have completed the required steps to obtain the referral friend rewards, however, we have not obtained any reward, neither I nor the invited friend both in level 5 and level 20. The email confirmations are correct but we do not receive in game rewards .

On the other hand, I have another email confirmation about another reward, after a recent Zen recharge, but I have not obtained a reward nor can I claim it in the free section of the store in game. I have checked my mailbox constantly, but it does not show anything about it either.

I opened a ticket yesterday during the day, but I have not received any response, at the moment.
What I can do?


  • drustin#0525 drustin Posts: 3Member Arc User
    Having the same issue, been waiting for a response about this on a ticket for nearly 3 days now, no rewards given for 5 or 20, I had one email when i started the game saying its setup, go level, get rewards, but obviously the last part is broken lol
  • funkfest#7405 funkfest Posts: 14Member Arc User
    My Rewards were at the promotion reward agent. Things that were announced as a reward anyway. Just north of Knox.

    Not sure if this the case for both of you, but it might not hurt to check.
  • drustin#0525 drustin Posts: 3Member Arc User
    Have checked there and the one on opposite side of the map, also pressing L to check there.
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