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problem with the last module update 15 cannot start game help please

hi, I have a problem after the last patch, I just can not enter the game after pressing the button play, when the loading screen appears with the word CRYPTIC at the end of loading the game, closes the only thing I know, this document that appears in the folder found the following content ... /// 181108 19: 25: 57 1055 [1]: ERROR: (Warning) MemTrack: Active number of threads more than individually tracked (9), using a shared socket. (Active 51 Created 59) ///
//// 1159 [1]: ERROR: Bad host when trying to connect to the server to correct HTTP ////
/// 1246 [1] ESC: ERROR: patchclientlib internally logs the error code: 14 \ n Connection to the server has been lost - unexpectedly disconnected //// ... Can anyone help me? Please


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