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[Xbox] Ravenloft Launch Week Issues



  • > @nitocris83 said:
    > Hi everyone!
    > We are working with Microsoft on the issues with the Promo Pack as there seemed to be some delays in getting it to populate in the storefront (though it's available when you search for it). Once that situation is resolved, please let us know if it is still not showing up in the RCA.
    > The companion token issue was escalated earlier and is being investigated. It is not impacting all players therefore making it more challenging to look into.

    Um how is it not impacting all players, I'm yet to find a player it's not impacting ........... sorry I'm calling bs on that one!!!!!!!
  • carl#6379 carl Posts: 81Member Arc User
    Three of us play in my household on different consoles. One has had NO issues at all with the companion token. The other two...not so lucky. So, it IS effecting some but not all.
  • lequarius#2843 lequarius Posts: 1Member New User
    I play on XBox One X and after the last update none of my characters will load. Things go fine until I select my character, then loading screen crashes to home page of XBox. Worked fine when I started a new character, but when I went to load the character from the character selection screen both characters are crashing now.

    It looks like some issue with the way the game transitions from the loading of the character account into the game because it never gets to the point of loading a location.

    This is very frustrating and I cannot play the game at all on the console.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Just a note - this has only started happening since the last update. It seems like the character files have been corrupted by the game.
  • illussionillussion Posts: 4Member Arc User
    This issue still hasn't been resolved. Same bug
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