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Class Balance Changes Feedback: PvP

Greetings all,
A few things I'd like to give feedback on in this thread:
- Specific powers in specific classes that are unbalanced in PvP
- The current way PvP is differentiated from PvE content (In terms of power creep and the functionality of certain abilities)
A proposal for players, and potentially developers if they're interested, to help the community iron out some standards for what is and isn't unbalanced in PvP.

Let's start with the way PvP is differentiated from PvE.
*Disclaimer: I know this isn't strictly Preview only but please don't hate on me moderators.

Currently companions aren't summon-able in PvP and all classes have a unanimous stat adjustment defensively to allow for more drawn out PvP conflicts, especially in the 1 on 1 engagements. Companions shouldn't be summon-able in PvP I think the level of work required to make that many items in game balanced in two very different game modes is totally disproportionate to the amount of value or content that would bring to PvP. I think this is something the developers should only consider if the game is perfectly balanced in every other regard. What I do have an issue with is the blanket alterations to each of the classes in PvP. The reason why this is the wrong way to go about it is very simple. The level of defensive capabilities between the classes is different. Guardian Fighters, Oathbound Paladins and Great Weapon Fighters all have increased defences built into the class from the get go. All other classes and the most common builds of HR do not. The result of this is that there is an over-exaggerated damage multiplier from tanky classes onto other classes and a reduction in damage the other way. This is reasonable but only if the damage of classes like GWFs and GFs can be reduced by pretty much 50%. Otherwise a first good step in the direction of PvP balance is to alter the defensive boosts for each different class.

Some specific examples of over-powered class powers/feats/features that should be addressed in order to solve the issue of balancing the classes in PvP:

- The daily power Crescendo is currently over-performing in PvP. It has an instant activation and a tad too high damage at the moment. The encounter power Flourish is the perfect example of how Crescendo should work. An audible build up in the power makes both class sense and tactical sense as it gives any GF opponent time and warning and allows them to deploy counter measures against it.
- The Encounter Power Anvil of Doom is currently over-performing in PvP. For some reason it just does a ludicrously high amount of damage when targets are well above 50% HP (Average of 100k tested against all classes). This is on average the most consistently hard hitting power in all of PvP at the moment and the fact that it belongs to a traditionally tank class should speak volumes about its current state of balance. I like this power as a finishing move it makes a lot of sense and requires a tactical stun in order to quickly defeat an opponent and that's logical for the current meta of GF rotations. But above 50% HP it just needs a flat nerf.

The buggiest combo to have ever combo'd.

- Warlock's Bargain + Infernal Spheres on Hellbringer paragon Fury featpath. If you haven't seen it in action yet... well. Then see the proposal below and I'll sure be glad to show off what it can do but only to a select few we don't want indescribably broken interactions making it onto the live server now do we? (I'm looking at you SWs!)

PvP Balance Proposal:

I'd like to invite players and anyone else who's interested to help setup an efficient PvP testing system. I want to have clearly defined standards on what the top priority class unbalance issues are in PvP and a good time for players to meet up to both discuss and test out all kinds of PvP interactions once or twice week. This would take place on the preview server at an agreed time every week. I already have a few friends who I play some PvP 1v1s against to test out all the class balances in a power by power basis. But in group PvP it is very difficult to setup an accurate representation of a genuine 5v5 on preview due to a lack of testers. If anyone knows anyone who would be interested due message me directly or in-game @ "Lord [email protected]#9773".

Please do use this thread to discuss any other priority balancing issues not included in this post (Obviously there are many I missed but I did want to be concise.)
Or if you'd like to further discuss my proposal to organise PvP orientated play-testers into a group do drop a comment.
Also if you want to show your support the best way to get this post seen is to leave a comment.

Thank you very much for reading,
Happy playtesting!


  • ibz4ez#9773 ibz4ez Posts: 117Member Arc User
    Some specific examples of over-powered class powers/feats/features that should be addressed in order to solve the issue of balancing the classes in PvP (Continued):

    - Impenetrable Jungle (Boon)is currently over-performing in some classes in PvP. For classes with high CC resistance uptime, e.g. Paladin, GF, GWF, TR this boon is not an issue. But for classes without it: CW, SW, HR, DC the root can be completely match winning for the opponent (1v1ing this is.) That and it completely ignores CC resistance rating. (Including stacks of CC resist). It needs to be adjusted to better suit PvP. It's not like it's affecting any PvE players so I'd say the scope here for change is limitless.
  • schietindebuxschietindebux Posts: 3,981Member Arc User
    edited October 2018
    1. Warlocks Bargain in general is not used by warlocks that much, since it kills the warlock more than it heals back due to healing depression. Actually I don´t know any warlock, except warlocks vs each other to troll, that use that encounter consistently in PVP.
    2. The damage loops you talk about are triggered by some powers like Infernal Spheres and are not only happening in the Fury path, all path cause those loops.
    Using ACT you should have recognized what actually "loops" there, staring at Paladin "Portectors Call" vs "Fey-touched procs", leading to the question, what causes those loops, if they are tied to the presence of an OP using -> "TAB"<- ....same as OP's die by double mark bug.
    3. I did not meet that much GF using Crescendo, all I met run IV-conqueror and do "ITF-lion-IS-Griffon-Griffon-dead, if not dead maybe Amboss+3. Griffon on top, so no clue.
    But you should mention IV-GF using Battle Trample, and by that ruining PVP-experience for both teams by lagging and bugging the hole game, period.
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