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[PC] Why does one character get the AD bonus from invoking while the other does not?

This has happened twice now. my first character does not get the AD bonus every night. three nights ago and last night it happened. As I am building both character equally, and want the extra coin for doing it, they finish the prayers around the same time.

I started salvaging on my main and got just the base amount. Then switched to my second character and got the base amount plus the bonus. I do all my salvaging just before logging out for the night and as I did not salvaging and run just two queue's per character again at the end of the day (RIQ and RLQ) that cannot be why...I don't get close to 100k rough AD a night between both characters combined.

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  • greywyndgreywynd Posts: 4,099Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    You get the payout for the first run of each queue. Subsequent runs of the same queue get a greatly diminished amount of rAD.
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  • brumbold#6225 brumbold Posts: 2Member Arc User
    I am not talking about the amount of rough AD you get from doing dungeons. i am talking about when i salvage something.
    i have been told a few things that seem wrong such as the amount of rough AD you have affects the bonus...reducing it, the payout from running dungeons reduces it etc.
    When you pray you are given a bonus percentage to your rough AD received when salvaging. one character gets it and the other does not get it all the time.
    in my above example my main character after maxing out his prayers for the day, ran two dungeons and salvaged an item that normally pays out 2k AD. with the bonus that goes up to 3k.

    He did not get the bonus.

    I then finished my second character for the day, did the two dungeons and then salvaged a ring woth 2k AD and got the bonus so 3k.

    Why did my first character not get the bonus?
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