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[PS4]Not sure how to describe this issue but in instances my mini map keeps popping in and...

tkyuskotkyusko Posts: 30Member Arc User
Okay I'll try to describe what's going on. While in dungeons or anywhere (I think) combat related I keep going from a passive stance to battle ready and hear a bong sound as if I'm activating something, at the same time my mini map appears then goes transparent.

I've looked at everything I could think of including settings. It does effect gameplay a little, like keeping me from activating things but it's super annoying.


  • muminekm#3459 muminekm Posts: 248Member Arc User
    "hear a bong sound as if I'm activating something" Do you have shadowclad armor enchant on you?
  • markeen#2032 markeen Posts: 292Member Arc User
    The sound could also be the daily power reaching full. And the change is stance happens a lot of you play as paladin.
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  • miasmatmiasmat Posts: 318 Member, Cryptic Developer Cryptic Developer
    The map disappears when you enter combat. Try removing gear until you can no longer reproduce it. Also unsummon your companion. If you're naked and it still happens, it's one of your feats or boons. Try a loadout with different feats and boons. That'll help us narrow down what's activating incorrectly. Thanks.
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