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Lots of bugs and things that need to be addressed

Some of these are technically not bugs but should be addressed regardless, i think anyone would agree.

Framerate. This is such an absurd issue that could be fixed quite literally in a quick hotfix. For starters, where are the options to lower or disable other player spell effects? Some encounters are so ridiculous with spell effects it quite literally dips into the lower end single digit FPS. The constant admin spam that is really just a buy enchanted key advert probably doesnt help. Why are there like a thousand totally pointless NPCs in the enclave who walk around aimlessly. Get rid of 80% of those and no one would bat an eyelid. Then perhaps we could navigate the enclave with a decent framerate. Ff14 has far better graphics and mostly runs at a smooth 30fps on a regular PS4. Yes, it can get very very laggy but at least it has options that can help improve the framerate.

Bugs. This game is infested with them. Guild bank broke since day 1. Since it only affects some guilds it has been deemed working as intended. None of my guild members can deposit. Even i sometimes cant deposit as guild leader. There are so many more im not even going to bother listing anymore.

Guild management. Why no guild event page? Why does every guild in our alliance have the same rank and will display no members when you deselct show offline members. Why is the limit on MOTD and the information tab so limited? Why cant you see when a player was last online? Why cant we see guild members guild mark count? Why do we have to promote or demote 1 rank at a time. Do i have to continue here?

Keyboard support. Awesome. No wait i still have to use the controller to bring up the typing menu, post whatever i type and change channels.

Options menu is....its 2017 how about some options. In an MMO no less. Go by example of literally any other MMO. Jesus, 15 year old MMMos have better option menus than this.

I could go on and on. The PS4 version does NOT need a content patch. It needs a giant bugfix patch. The amount of things wrong with this version is beyond words.

Im sure there are a thousand threads like this. Heres 1 more. Clearly the devs dont care about the major issees. Oh, an inventory improvement is coming. So what. There are far bigger concerns to address than basically a cosmetic fix

It is obvious you know about everything in this list, some of which shouldnt even be present, others could probably be fixed in literally a few minutes and applying a hotfix (like getting rid of those useless NPCs in the enclave or making the ENTER key on a keyboard open the dialogue box and send the message)

Get it sorted its getting ridiculous.


  • kalina311kalina311 Posts: 1,463Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
  • zruke#5001 zruke Posts: 4Member Arc User
    Ah. You think its funny that none of these issues will ever be fixed? Or that the devs very likely wont read this post. Guess it is kind of amusing.
  • markeen#2032 markeen Posts: 292Member Arc User
    Only thing you listed that’s a possible bug is the guild bank not letting players deposit. But then again, that could just be an issue with your guild settings.
    Founder of Knights of Ra guild in Neverwinter PS4. Founder of The Arashikage Clan in Defiance, formally of PlayStation Home.
  • mickyyy86#0820 mickyyy86 Posts: 16Member Arc User
    Bug or not maybe bugs would become easier to fix if these problems were sorted first. Amen to this guy.
  • mickyyy86#0820 mickyyy86 Posts: 16Member Arc User
    edited December 2017
    Hi could somebody please look into this for me. I have been sent in this direction after submitting a ticket.

    So, basically myself and some friends placed the Tribal Yklwa lure (which I myself triggered) in order to fight the King of Spins final hunt. I was in a group with some very good friends and my girlfiend. So, there is obviously a notification that 'Something is coming when' when you place a lure and this was correct. However, after defeating the King of Spines there was no rewards given whatsoever. All lures reward chultan riches, and if you have capped on Totems it notifies you regardless if there was no loot. But there was no other notifications at all.

    I have went back over the log withing the chat and there is nothing. The game has not recognised that I have completed the hunt.
    Please help. I am a commited player of Neverwinter, playing over 4 hours everyday and I worked so hard to get the to that stage in Chult Hunts, and it's not an easy thing to do just to be shot down again.
    All I ask is that somebody investigates it for me and possibly replaces the lure, once they have found this to be true.

    The details are as follows:
    Network: Neverwinter Playstation 4
    Character ID: [email protected]
    Date of issue: 25/11/2017
    Time of issue approx.: 22:05 GMT
    Thank you.

    Also my girlfriend saved the video which clearly show us in a group and myself (_KHALEESI_) placing the lure. And nobody getting any rewards for defeating what-so-ever. Everybody in the group should have had Forgotten Totems (or should have been notified of cap) and riches etc. But as video shows there is nothing. No notifications of rewards, for anybody.

    I can send the video but there is no way of attaching to this thread?
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  • grupa#5960 grupa Posts: 1Member New User
    Another bug is the guild I'm in I was co leader and my friend was leader he hasn't had the game in well over a month or more I'm seen his PS4 he definitely doesn't have it, but it shows him online so I cannot take over control to keep the guild going, it needs to be fixed to show him offline or just fix it to where he can remotely give access to me from this instead of in-game.
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