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Crashes on Loading Screen (Cryptic Title)

drakenartzdrakenartz Posts: 19Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
edited July 2015 in Peer to Peer Tech Forum
I have been playing NW since BETA with little to no problems but since I updated the game it won't load past the Loading Screen (Cryptic Title).
I have done the file check in launcher (And Steam), started the game in Safe Mode (Also launching the game in Steam, Arc and solo), restarted the computer, updated all graphics drivers and even downloaded the game from scratch. But still it crashes on the Loading Screen not even starting to load the status bar.
I have also reported the error multiple times with Crash Report but I am really out of ideas of how to fix this problem :(
Can anyone help me?


  • drakenartzdrakenartz Posts: 19Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    So any suggestions?
    I have been working with support but nothing has worked so far :(
  • draekalusdraekalus Posts: 8Member Arc User
    @drakenartz I'm having the same problem. I posted in the PC Suggestions and Bugs area for attention but they directed me here. I have downloaded the game a total of 7 times over the past 4 days, this is extremnely frustrating. I am abkle to play on the preview server for some reason, but only the live server always seems to crash.
  • drakenartzdrakenartz Posts: 19Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    Yeah the support rep didn't have anything that could help me :(
    They tired but my game is broken and who knows when they will patch the problem
  • draekalusdraekalus Posts: 8Member Arc User
    @drakenartz hey man, the launcher patched itself after the latest shard update, and after that the game is running smoothly. Thank the heavens :)
  • danny3421danny3421 Posts: 135Member Arc User
    drakenartz wrote: »
    Yeah the support rep didn't have anything that could help me :(
    They tired but my game is broken and who knows when they will patch the problem

    It will sort it self out when it can.
  • jose201187jose201187 Posts: 9Member Arc User
    edited July 2015
    Same problem here. I have login problem now in my job (before i dont have any problem). And I have a friend with same problem and he play neverwinter 2-3 months ago with no problems.

    After many times i finally pass the cryptic screen but when i select my char I get "Time Out During Login".

    I test my speed conection: IS FINE
    I try play other games like OBT- Skyforge and Tera: IS FINE
    I disable my firewall : i cant login
    I disable my antivirus: i cant login

    In my house i dont have any problem, both pc (job and house) have the same specs (i7-8gb ram- geforce 610 / W7 Ultimate 64 bits). So please dont tell me is my internet or my graphic card, this is not the problem.

    Any admin or mod for help us ? ....
  • thaladangthaladang Posts: 6Member Arc User
    Hi , Yeah i've got the same problem , never been an issue before. I think the server must be at fault as I can log in to my account on Gateway ok.
    This only started, for me, yesterday about 1pm GMT, hopefully will be sorted out soon
  • striders1911striders1911 Posts: 13Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    I have the same issue, after the 2004 MB update my game refuses to go past the Cryptic screen. the loading screen use to take less then a minute to login, now takes over 5 minutes. Submitted a ticket. Have Played the game for 20 months without an issue. Problem is not on my end.
  • masadasa0masadasa0 Posts: 3Member New User
    so wtf is arc doing???
  • elvenstar17elvenstar17 Posts: 15Member Arc User
    So after Strongholds patched my amd driver keeps crashing on the loading screen.Was all good last night .And now :( all my guildies are having fun and i'm not.
  • drakenartzdrakenartz Posts: 19Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    Well I thought this update would fix the problem but Nope... Still crashing in the same spot... thought the patch notes said "Resolved a crash on startup that could occur".
    Would be good if they Did Resolve it because I'm experiencing Everytime I try to play T_T
  • warrdancerwarrdancer Posts: 1Member New User
    Everytime they do some big update or add big content or add the <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> off players patch I have to deal with about a week of not being able to play the damn game, getting tired of this BS.
  • fattsteve420fattsteve420 Posts: 2Member Arc User
    i am having the same issues. ever since this new update. its almost got me to the point of boycottin neverwinter. and yet its my fav game
  • ramiguzmanramiguzman Posts: 1Member Arc User
    I have the same problem here, after the mantenaince my client crash.
  • roneousironsroneousirons Posts: 5Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    Can someone in there side say there is a problem and they are working on it. Dam to comunication here sux.
  • katamaster81899katamaster81899 Posts: 1,149Member Arc User
    Run the game in safe mode and type in -d3d9 to the command line to launch the game. It will take a few minutes to load, and may become unresponsive for a minute or two, but be patient, you will eventually reach the character select screen
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  • zebularzebular Posts: 15,250Member, Neverwinter Moderator, NW M9 Playtest Community Moderator
    A new sticky has been made, please direct attention and replies to the following thread now. Thanks!
    Graphics Client Crash Issue
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