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Audio Distortion, juttering, and cpu spikes

zomdzomd Posts: 166Member Arc User
edited August 2015 in Peer to Peer Tech Forum
I've been trying to diagnose this for the past two days and it's pretty frustrating. There seems to be some kind of environmental effect or dynamic processing on some sounds that's causing my CPU to spike and it hangs up the game. Several of my ranger abilities cause it (especially when hitting large groups). It results in a consistent scratching and popping like distortions, spiked CPU usage, and low frames, etc. I'm really at a loss.

I'm running and Win7 x64, AMD FX-8350 4GHZ, Biostar TA970 Mobo, 8GB of ram, Ati HD 7800 series 2GB*, and Realtek HD Audio or my Sentey headphones. I've tried with both my old regular headphones and the gaming ones (both Realtek and Sentey drivers) and it still does it.

*I believe it's a 7870 but not sure.

Anyone experience anything similar and find a solution?

As a side question, in an attempt to find some settings not in the UI (like turning off environmental effects on sound, or capping the total number of simultaneous sounds) I found this in Gameprefs.Pref:

PrefEntry SystemSpecs.cpuCacheSize 0

Is it really saying my CPU has a cache size of 0? I'm pretty sure that's not correct (cpuid says otherwise).

Edit: I've also updated my bios/drivers too just to be sure and it's still doing it.


  • zomdzomd Posts: 166Member Arc User
    Well I got a response, but unfortunately none of their suggestions worked. If a dev or a QA person sees this and you get a chance, please look into it. It consistently distorts, stutters, and perfomance spikes when my cpu rises to 30-35% even after verifying, trying safe mode, and deleting game Gameprefs.Pref and using the lowest settings. None of my other contemporary MMOs or games do this.

    It only takes a group or two of enemies to see it happen, otherwise neverwinter hovers around 10-20%. There was a suttering problem that was addressed earlier in the year for AMD-FX 8350 users. But it was somewhat different symptoms. My guess is some cpu heavy sound processing is getting called a bunch of times when hitting a bunch of enemies at once and it chokes. Hopefully it's something similar to last time in that it can be patched.

    Otherwise I guess I'll just be logging into to get my VIP keys for the next 6 months so at least that doesn't go to total waste. : /
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