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ATTENTION: Please Read This Before Posting

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The Technical Support Forums are not Provided or Managed by
Cryptic Studios Employees or Perfect World Entertainment Employees.

These forums exist to give community members a venue to assist one another with resolving technical issues or to discuss technology in general.

If you wish to receive Official Support from a PWE Staff member then please, file a support ticket, send an e-mail to [email protected] or feel free to both create a thread here and contact support as members of our awesome community may be able to assist you before an Official PWE Employee.

Please note: Advice given and received here is at your own risk. Cryptic and PWE can make no guarantee of the the accuracy or the safety of player suggestions. User discretion is advised.

If you choose to make a thread here on your issue, please prefix the Discussion Title with either [PC] or [XBOX] respectively.

Additionally: Community Moderators are members of the Community Staff but are not PWE Employees. Community Moderator advice is given as community member to community member unless specified otherwise.
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