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The Complex Superhero -

gutspasmgutspasm Posts: 8Member Arc User
edited April 2015 in Foundry Quest Database
Hi All,

My foundry quest "The Complex Superhero" is up and ready to play...

Neverwinter's renown Hero, The Masked Avenger, is in need of your assistance. Have you got what it takes to defeat his enemies and keep his ego in check? Quest features one map; The Hidden Sewer, with strong dialogue and balanced encounters. Main enemies; A tribe of Warerats, some Undead and a variety of would be assassins.

I'd like to get some more feedback, and would be happy to review others in return. :)

NW-DUPUOIQ2W The Complex Superhero. :D

Have fun

**Issues fixed from initial feedback and play-throughs:

1. Removed (most of the) Traps. The constantly getting injured is no fun for anyone.
2. Added texture and detail to the 'empty' areas.
3. Added encounters.
4. Strengthened early monster waves, beefing up soft encounter.
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