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Guild Wars - End game content (Work In Progress)

syfylissyfylis Posts: 0Member, Neverwinter Beta Users, Silverstars Arc User
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Guilds Territory wars and Custom Turnaments.

There is a problem i did notice when playing GuildWars2 which was lack of end game content and pvp which even if balanced was kind of boring so why not have some fun with guild turnaments.

Guild territory wars (PvE gear/PvP gear):

Basic Idea: We have two sections first one is called "Last Man Standing" and second is "Return of the King". Last Man standing is a part where guild fight for becoming Lord of the city and second to become King of forgoten Realms.

Guild Master of every guild that have more than 30 people nominate 30 players to be ones that fight in guild wars (at least 10 of them need to have max lvl). First part of GW starts on (let's say friday) when guild masters register for GW. Guild wars take place in 8 the biggest cities of Forgotten Realms (Neverwinter,.,.,.)

On Friday When each guild master register his guild he get rank points based on added numbers of lvls of nominated players. So if max lvl is 20 then 30 players with that lvl give you 600pts and place in Guild wars when it starts. So at the end of the day (friday) 64 guilds with the highest score will take part in guild wars.When the ranking of guilds becomes clear on saturday 1.am groups of 8 guilds will be assigned to one of the 8 cities.

Last Man Standing(PvE gear): Saturday. Now at the time of 1.pm In each city for two hours competition starts. Selected 30 players of each guild in the city will have to kill 30 players of other guilds. To make it easy(heh) these players will pop out as 210 red dots on a map. Leaving city = you are out from competition. It's a single knock out so if you die once then you are out of competition also if there will be some players from more than one guild alive after 2 hours then city ripper will spawn and kill one member of each guild every 30 seconds until last man stands.
1. You can see enemy nick but you can't see enemy guild name
2. Location of all players is refreshed every 60sec to give guild chance for unexpected atack

Return of the king (PvP gear):

On the next saturday at 1.pm strugle for becoming king of Forgotten Realms begins. 8 Noble guilds now take a part in turnament on GvG arena. Guild Master select 16 players before saturday thats going to fight for the throne on GvG arena. In 10 min selected players get teleported to arena. GvG arena battle (I'm goin to create one soon) take 45 min. After first wins next battle go on 2:10 pm and final at 3:10 pm.

Awards for City Lord (WiP): Guild Master of a wining guild get title "Lord of ...." and all guild members get title Sir. , One silver ticket + special guild bonuses. More avards come later when i invent some.

Awards for King (Wip): Guild Master gets title "King of forgotten Realms" and dragon mount and guild Members title "Royal Knight". One Gold ticket. Next Friday Guild wars start again but the title of king stay on till the new king show up week later.


I think I bent the image of dnd world too much but to hell with it I don't hold back my ideas so you can hate me for it, anyway welcome to the PYRAMID. (my awe paint skill again)

The rules are simple it's old good capture the point. You get one point for killing enemy and one point every 3 second from each captured artefact. Guild that get first 500 points win.

Design: It take place in great mysterious pyramid that is said it have power to control the nature. Pyramid is hidden in great sandstorm, have 3 floors and each of them is different and show us some part of the nature as well with some animals living there.

1. Ground floor is a rock mountais with green grass, pure blue sky and fresh morning sun.

2. First floor is a Savanna with high grass, acacia, baobab and orange chilling afternoon sky

3. Second floor is a breaking ice lake, pure water and dark sky but full of shinig stars and red moon

The pyramid walls are weird and out of this era with never stoping working gears releasing ridiculous amount of steam. You can move bettwen floors by going into geyser teleports.
GvG map (example):

I was little lazzy here but it doesn't matter much. Triangles are geyser teleport areas on each floor. Lines are not walls but more like any kind of natural obstacles so it can be trees, rocks, crack also surface shouldn't be flat but i suck at painting so again paint FTW

Guild Castle:
For wining silver ticket we can start building somewhere on a map our guild castle. There are 10 lvls of guild castle with each lvl castle gets bigger and give more bonuses. To get from lvl 1-6 you need one silver ticket + resources but to get from lvl 7-10 you need a gold ticket. One guild can have only one castle.

Increasing guild home lvl looks little like buying new buildings in game "Heroes of might and Magic"

To give an example.

1. Guild Garden - flower garden with NPC selling pontions with better price and efect.
2. Small Guild Forest - close to garden with npc that sells buff scrols
3. Wooden Fort - all guild area is now surounded by wooden fort, 5% of all money that guild members spend in guild home come back to guild bank.
4. Tavern - Drinking guild beer allows you to reset one daily quest.
5. Altar of Stars - Every 45min Guild Master can teleport all guild members to his location. Players can accept or cancel teleportation.
6. Stone Fort - fort become bigger and stronger also stone tower appears with guild Master throne . 10% of all money that guild members spend come back to guild bank.
7. Stable - guild members can now buy special mount to move faster on a map
8. Gate - Any guild member can now teleport to other guild member. Cooldown is 2hours.
9. Temple - Building where all kinds of crafting, alchemy etc. get additional bonus
10. Stronghold - Guild home become bigger and more majestic than anything you have seen before. All prices in [] are reduced. 15% of all money come back to guild bank . Tawern now can reset 2 different quest daily. Stable get better mounts and special dragon mount for guild master. Temple improve your craft even more and cooldown on Altar of Stars go down to 30 min and Gate to 1hour.

Custom Turnaments(PvP/Pve gear):
Guild Master create a turnament for 8 guilds. To join a turnament you have to pay fee same as creator of turnament did. Creator of turnament select date when turnament starts and then it goes same as "Return of The King" GvG arena and stuf. Creator of turnament can chose if players fight in pve or pvp gear.

Awards: So 1st place get 70% of all gold and second 30%. So if 8 teams pay a fee of 125 000 gold then 1st place get 700 000 and second 300 000 gold. Guild turnament need at least 4 guilds to start otherwise it's cancelled. There should be also slots for items so creator can create fee of 125k gold and 100 diamonds or any other items.
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  • iamtruthseekeriamtruthseeker Posts: 0Member, Moonstars, Neverwinter Beta Users Arc User
    edited December 2012
    Awesome ideas! Personally I like maps over arenas, but why not have both options on all these themes? The more PvE/PvP the better at end game!

    Based on Cryptic events and high level stuff before, it's likely only people at the high end near the (at the time of its release) level cap will be allowed to join these kinds of end-game events. As the level cap goes up, there will likely be a level range based on the zones you must be minimum and maximum or it will kick the applying players out who don't meet it/not allow to see the events. Some zones then will just have events without level requirments as they no longer hit end game content as the cap is raised also, or if too popular for just a range of levels (think Star Trek Online Academy)

    I'm sure a lot of it will be linked to NWO secondary income...which is called Astral Diamonds (AD) if any readers missed it before.

    What I would like also for some games is for the player to choose a side in a queued event until full (then they must accept the other side(s) or decline that event and wait for another) and the winner of the event get to "open the end chest" for their reward like how DDO does it in regular party games (and reading how NWO will work in articles and seeing videos, also how this game works too in Delves.) This can suggest the mercurial side of adventurers without the "set in stone" of MMO's as recent as "The Secret World" where you "choose a side forever and tough if you hate it."

    I don't want the roll-off of DDO/other MMO's Raid items or leaders picking who gets what. I understand randomly dropped items in the Cryptic quests if high/rare may be rolled on with the need/greed/pass option and that's fine.

    But it would be nice if the victors of the multi-player PvP/PvE got something more than just a secondary currency which is how their PvP/PvE seems to work ATM. Of course, the titles and other suggestions by syfylis also would be super ideas too!
  • deathssickledeathssickle Posts: 0Member Arc User
    edited December 2012
    I have really enjoyed some of your ideas for PvP syfylis
    I am usually Deaths Crowbar.

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  • syfylissyfylis Posts: 0Member, Neverwinter Beta Users, Silverstars Arc User
    edited December 2012
    Thank you guys. I did add 2 new rules to last man standing and Guild Home LVL progress.

    Right now I'm trying to find good idea for GvG arena, i have two visions before my eyes but they still doesn't feel right so it may take more time than I expected. Well more fun to me at work anyway ;]
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    My work: Heroes Blacksmith - Library
  • syfylissyfylis Posts: 0Member, Neverwinter Beta Users, Silverstars Arc User
    edited December 2012
    F5 in ya face. GvG arena is here. Maybe not orginal but in this form i think it may be fun.
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  • syfylissyfylis Posts: 0Member, Neverwinter Beta Users, Silverstars Arc User
    edited May 2013
    It's a good time to refresh this thread :]
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  • syfylissyfylis Posts: 0Member, Neverwinter Beta Users, Silverstars Arc User
    edited May 2014
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    My work: Heroes Blacksmith - Library
  • zebularzebular Posts: 15,250Member, Neverwinter Moderator, NW M9 Playtest Community Moderator
    edited May 2014
    You know the rules, bumping is not allowed.
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