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Master Expedition Runic Gameplay Update



  • mcfobmcfob Posts: 52Member Arc User
    Does not work for one of my characters, I tried restarting the quest, I still have the chaos rune in my inventory but cannot turn in and the goblin doesn't take it either
  • mebengalsfan#9264 mebengalsfan Posts: 2,934Member Arc User

    What is sad is the lack of focus on the player/customer experience and the acknowledgement of how Crytpic keep messing things up. It is as if this company is being run by a group of elementary bullies trying to take our (players/customer) lunch money. You know schools don't tolerate bullying and neither do I. Grow up as a company, start treating your player/customers with respect we deserve, take ownership for the mistakes made, and fix this game already.

    Slowing down the progression won't help the game out. The reason is combat is slow and now we have to spent more time doing the same old combat over and over when combat is slow and tedious. It is a good way to encourage more players to leave and go elsewhere.

    This game is going on year 6 and by now the company should realize that it is better to keep long term players, offer new zen market place item such as style, mounts (styles), and companions.

    I know what I would do if I was in charge.

    1) Admit the error of scaling and state next fix scaling is being removed
    2) Announce that going forward LB will be updated to improve the value of the content.
    3) Announce that with every new LB there will be a new mount and companion available in the zen market
    4) All style items now will be moved to the zen market for 200 zen. Each LB 2 or more new styles will be added to the zen market
    5) Adjust all campaigns so that each one will take 3 weeks to complete if ran 5x in a week.
    6) Bring back all old epic dungeons and adjust epic dungeon awards
    7) Adjust the Que system and the rewards

    These things would bring gamer back and make them want to play NWO. It will also allow cryptic to generate some revenue as all styles would be in the zen market. This would help them generate additional money over the course of the game. But will they do this? Probably not.

  • rafaeldarafaelda Posts: 593Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    mcfob said:

    Does not work for one of my characters, I tried restarting the quest, I still have the chaos rune in my inventory but cannot turn in and the goblin doesn't take it either

    had this issue what i did was drop the quest, get it again then do one more ME, the eldtrich i got from that las ME counted twards the quest, after completing i could trade the old ones with the goblin...

    Hope it work for you to
  • shadrakt2shadrakt2 Posts: 106Member Arc User
    I neither have the quest, nor the etching, nor any resonators, nor a quest available from the runemaster. :( And I can't peek inside any chests at the end of MEx. What can I do?
  • shadrakt2shadrakt2 Posts: 106Member Arc User
    edited June 5
    Anybody? Can't open chests at the end of MEx to get rune etchings, no quest or runic resonators of any kind available. Would be nice to get some loot and etchings from MEx...

    Edit: found the solution. One must have the quest "Rune-etched armor" in their journal to have a runic resonator. If you drop the quest, the resonator disappears. One must then re-take the quest.
  • wylonuswylonus Posts: 2,280Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    i was going to say, go to undermountian and do those color domes.
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