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Tales of old currency bug

sharpley92sharpley92 Posts: 1Member Arc User
for the first day I ran some tales done the x5 difficulty also got my 45 for the day no problem, next day I done the same done a x5 and a few little runs and got 40 for the day, day 3 I log on get a group to do another x5 to get my currency faster and after we finish I speak to nipsy and I got 0 currency, I thought maybe just a one off bug then I ran another 2 or 3 x3 runs and still not getting credit, I put in a ticket and the response was I cant help you go post on the forum lmao, so here we are anyone have a fix ?


  • sif0fasgard#0964 sif0fasgard Posts: 1Member New User
    edited April 16
    I am having the same exact issue. It is exasperating. I am completing 5x difficulty runs and turning in the quest, it shows I will get rewarded with coins, but then gives me 0 coins.

    Repro Steps:
    1) Log into my Scourge Warlock
    2) Join group of 5 in Protector's Enclave
    3) Load into Tales of Old dungeon
    4) Complete dungeon (difficulty is irrelevant, I get 0 coins on x1 or x5)
    5) Turn in quest to Nipsy
    6) Receive 0 coins. (All other group members receive their coins)

    Observed Result:
    My Warlock gets no coins when completing Tales of Old Campaign

    Expected Result:
    My Warlock should get the appropriate number of coins when completing Tales of Old Campaign

    Note: I am getting coins without issue on my Paladin.

    Please help! This is a limited time event and I will not be able to complete my chapter if it is not rectified.
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