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Seeds of Hope No Feywind Sparks Awarded for doing quests (PC)

kaptinjack#1626 kaptinjack Posts: 5Member Arc User
edited April 3 in Peer to Peer Tech Forum
Trying to do the campaign seeds of hope. Have done all the opening quests to obtain the seeds BUT have no feywild sparks . Have dropped the quest and restarted on different day and still the same all the seeds no sparks. Campaign page shows the yellow flag and instructions to press it to donate the stuff but as I have no sparks it doesnt work. Have spoken to loads of people that I can in the available parts of the map where I can go and still nothing. I have been back to PE incase I missed anything there but nothing. The name has changed on the map to just Sharanger now so obviously somethings happened. but still cant progress with out the sparks
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