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Professions Omission(s)

mordekai#1901 mordekai Posts: 1,232Member Arc User
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I am probably posting this in the wrong place, but I guess this is the only place on the XB forums where anyone other than a Moderator might look.

Please Devs...
Can we get Iron Nails please?
I'm fairly sure they should be on the Blacksmithing list, but they don't exist anywhere. It makes it really hard to make Stronghold Trunks, (and probably other stuff that I'm not looking at right now.)
Unless I'm missing something really obvious, in which case would someone please enlighten me as to how to get hold of these rare and wondrous things.
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  • johnnyreklaw#1518 johnnyreklaw Posts: 111Member Arc User
    While we're at it, I'd like to see the crafting materials for SKT weapons returned (Enchanted Loam? Forgot the other thing). Those are still obtainable weapons and the transmute would be nice. To my knowledge, you can't get those any more as they are no longer craftable.
  • koolaidcleric#6056 koolaidcleric Posts: 3Member New User
    There is a huge gap in leather working that excludes rangers entirely, but seems to have multiple TR options at those levels. 30-60
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