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Cant patch game

xxmantaraxxxxmantaraxx Posts: 344Member Arc User
I just got a new laptop so i can take neverwinter on the road with me. I downloaded Arc, signed in and started the download. as soon as i got to the NWO launcher it just keeps trying to patch saying error 14 cant reach patch server. I have used the arc repair tool, run the game as administrator, uninstalled and re installed twice now. starting to get upset about it. any help would be rad.

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  • bluesky#1979 bluesky Posts: 1Member New User
    how do i start a new thread?
  • honestabe73honestabe73 Posts: 14Member Arc User
    I am also receiving an error when trying to patch. Restarted client and rebooted PC. Any suggestions?

    "There was an error while starting the patch download. Error code: 31"

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