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Bind to Account Mounts and Companions

canuck1canuck1 Posts: 8Member Arc User
edited March 24 in General Discussion (PC)

There seems to be a lot of upset peeps on here regarding the changes to the classes. Some people (including myself) are not happy with some of the changes in Mod 16. I for one do not and never wanted to play a tank - now my GWF is being put as a tankclass and the companion bonus slots show that is exactly what the Barbarian is to be. I dont care if I can play Barbarian as a DPS but that puts me at a huge DPS disadvantage so whats the point. I haven't put time and money (b-day and X-mas) in the game to be mediocre, The character will be useless and boring to play now.

I propose allowing items bound to character to be bound to account - this will allow myself and others to transfer to another playable character - items that we bought, grinded for and won (lockboxes) - that we now wish to play (I have a CW that I play and will transfer my non character bound items to regardless). This will help alleviate some negative and be somewhat a positive.

I will most likely be just playing my CW since the GWF is so utterly destroyed in the new MOD (a Barb is not a tank) but this will make me and others feel like at least the items we earned in the past will now not sit in limbo on a defunct toon. Others can play the Barb as a tank or basic DPS if they want and leave their items right where they are.

PS - I have been playing for over 5 years so I didn't buy my characters - I just supplemented on the occasions mentioned and built up through grinding and dungeon runs.

Just a thought. Thanks for listening.
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