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How to deal with Douchey player as a new player during a dungeon

kangkeokkangkeok Posts: 843Member Arc User
Hi to all newbies out there! As u may already met those player that rush ahead, skipping mob and leave u to face the mod alone. Well, no need to curse them as u struggle to catch up. Those people are either botting or a DB. Regardless, they are there trying to farm their daily AD as fast as possible. So just ignore them and pretend u are doing the dungeon solo. Work your own pace there and make them realize their run wont be faster by leaving a low level behind. It doesn't matter if they kick u, u will just que for another instance and meet nicer people knowing that those people that kicked u gotta wait for some time for their new guy to get to them. However if they come back for u, then pop a "thanks" to them and run with them at their pace without slowing them down. If they don't kick or come back for u after like 15 to 20min, then those are probably botter. Report them as "suspected botting" and let the developer investigate.
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