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[PC] Armour Enchant Help: Loamweave [SOLVED]

sunstreakmodsunstreakmod Posts: 7Member Arc User
edited March 21 in Peer to Peer Tech Forum
Hi. :) Ty to anyone who can help.

Exactly where and how does one use the Loamweave Enchantment one recieves from the Knight of the Feywild pack? ( https://neverwinter.gamepedia.com/Loamweave_Enchantment )

-I've googled it, and read several different pages without clarity. It doesn't appear to slot into ring or weapon [duh] or chest armor [?]. I hate to have to buy something from the Auction House just to see what it slots into.

...This is really frickin' annoying, considering it's not even that useful an enchant; I just thought it'd be fun to have on my noobs. I was shocked when the enchant didn't slot into my chest armour. Is it because said chest armour is only green rarity? Does rarity of the item matter? How would I know, and where can I read that?

...This game is exhausting. Runestones, Enchants, artifacts and all the refining stuff, none of which seem clearly defined at a cursory glance. And the systems have been modified so often that the web is rife with inaccurate info. -SHOCKINGLY, not even Cryptic/Arc/whomever offers a clear and updated guide; you gotta dig through Dev notes. Kripes.
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  • pitshadepitshade Posts: 3,798Member Arc User
    It goes into the second slot marked 'enhancement' that higher level armors have. This is shown as a second, pinkish square below the normal slot.
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  • kingkevin#3240 kingkevin Posts: 35Member Arc User
    edited March 18
    It’s only on armor(chest) pieces, the slot is pink/purple, but mostly pink. Armor with this slot start dropping at maybe around level 60.
  • sunstreakmodsunstreakmod Posts: 7Member Arc User
    Ahhhh... the PINK slot! I've seen that. TYSM all! I thought maybe Cryptic nerfed the enchantment's weildability out of the game; and that the Feywild Pack was producing it erroneously... :pensive:

    Ty all again! :)
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