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Rough ad conversion bug

So...I have 6 characters. I had X amount of rough ad on each alt and when I logged onto the first toon it automatically refined 24k rough. Put it in the shared bank and went to the next toon. It auto refined 58k and I did the same. Did it till I got to my gwf main and the amount of rough ad I could still refine was 100k even tho id collected 95k and itd auto refined itself. Thought I'd ask as it's meant to be 100k per account right? I don't want a ban for it not being my fault if it decides to do more than it should!


  • ecrana#2080 ecrana Posts: 1,084Member Arc User
    You may have forgotten to refine your rough yesterday? Unless it's changed, if you forget the previous day it carries into the next morning so you could potentially do 200k in one day.
  • Really?!!! Yeah I tend to forget to do it and leave it a day or 2 to build up. So that's ok then
  • plasticbatplasticbat Posts: 5,715Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    I personally have not used the refine button/operation directly for years because I don't need to.
    When I login to a character, it just refines all the available rAD (up to 100K per account) from the quota of the day before.
  • ecrana#2080 ecrana Posts: 1,084Member Arc User
    I manually refine because, well, I don't want to put that much faith in the auto-refine feature.
  • nitocris83nitocris83 Posts: 2,019Member, Administrator Administrator
    As others have indicated, if you miss your daily limit, the system will autorefine for you.
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