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Day of the Dungeon Master

phynixguard42phynixguard42 Posts: 1Member Arc User
Was locked out of my weekly limit of Adventuring Accreditations before I hit the weekly limit. As it takes all 100 earned over all 4 weeks to get 400, being locked out early well short of the 100 mark going to make it impossible to complete.


  • ecrana#2080 ecrana Posts: 1,084Member Arc User
    Unless it has changed you can do all 400 in the last week. The cap is really you can reach 100 in week 1, you can reach 200 in week 2, you can reach 300 in week 3, and 400 in week 4.
  • epicwizard92epicwizard92 Posts: 1Member Arc User
    Mine capped at 97 day one I sure hope this bug doesnt prevent me from final tier reward
  • tknofski#3126 tknofski Posts: 1Member New User
    In week two, I was capped at 197. If during week four, I am able to get all 400, then fine, but I am worried that it will continue to at least deny me those 3, if not more, thus preventing me from completing the tiers.
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